How can a fully integrated, end-to-end platform provide better analysis, faster response, deeper investigations and proactive mitigation?

See why the world’s leading organizations selected D3 Security’s full-lifecycle security incident management platform

Over 100 of Fortune 500 organizations use D3 to build, demonstrate and orchestrate incident response, connect with third party technologies, and apply data-driven decisions across an enterprise-wide vision of incidents, investigations and risk.

How You Benefit From Our Software

security incident management software

D3 Connectors

D3 Connectors are turnkey integrations that streamline event escalation and intelligence gathering. Easy to deploy and factory supported at both ends, D3 Connectors offer pre-configured and custom settings that empower users with two way information flow, search filters and correlation capabilities. Custom integrations can also be utilized through the D3’s flexible Connector Hub.

D3 Core

The D3 Core is where the action happens—IR playbooks, standard operating procedures, custom workflows, and notifications are all managed within the D3 Core. Task orchestration and process automation that span across the incident lifecycle, and throughout an organization’s functional teams and roles, result in drastic reductions to triage and prioritization, incident response time and enterprise risk.

security incident management software
security incident management software

D3 Intelligence Layer

The D3 Intelligence Layer empowers users with the ability to report on any data in the system, using a deep and varied analysis toolset that includes solutions for trend reporting, link analysis, root cause and corrective action assignment, and many more. Time and cost calculations for benchmarking, risk thresholds, response time and incident-cost impact support continuous improvement and ROI demonstration initiatives.

D3 Dashboard

The D3 Dashboard actually refers to multiple dashboard options that display and visualize data in multiple formats. Contextual Dashboard provides the ultimate view of security information related to your role, while Analytics Dashboard and Geospatial Dashboard filter and visualize data using charts, graphs and an award-winning geospatial intelligence interface with global application.

security incident management software