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With unmatched features and ease of use at unbeatable pricing, you get the best SOAR for supercharging your security team.

SOAR Comparison

Smart SOAR Vs. Siemplify

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Consolidates Related Alerts yes icon
Mature Out-of-the-Box Integrations yes icon
Granular Access Controls yes icon
Vendor Agnostic yes icon
SOAR Comparison

Smart SOAR Vs. Cortex XSOAR

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Predictable Onboarding & Installation Costs yes icon
Robust Support for Multi-Tenancy yes icon
Can Handle High Alert Volume yes icon
Vendor Agnostic yes icon
SOAR Comparison

Smart SOAR Vs. Swimlane

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Full Support for Multi-Tenancy yes icon
No Python Coding Required yes icon
Advanced Playbook Functionality yes icon
Hundreds of OOTB Utility Commands yes icon
SOAR Comparison

Smart SOAR Vs. IBM Security QRadar SOAR

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No-Code Solution yes icon
Vendor-supported Integrations yes icon
Predictable Pricing yes icon
Workflow Support for Large Enterprises & MSSPs yes icon

Replacement Service

What You Get

  • D3 Security’s Smart SOAR Platform
  • Migration of playbooks to D3 SOAR
  • Migration of automation scripts and Python code
  • Creation of key reports and dashboards
  • Expert migration of historical incident and case data to D3 SOAR
  • For MSSP/MSP, offer a white-label SOAR migration program to your own customers and prospects

Frustrated with Your Current SOAR Solution?

Your SOAR Vendor Over-Promised, Under-Delivered

We understand wanting to break up with your SOAR. In fact, 70% of companies that purchased SOAR from D3 were replacing an existing SOAR product in 2022. And our renewal rate is close to 100%.

Your SOAR Ties Up Too Many Resources

Many SOAR tools require constant code tweaks, but D3 SOAR is a true no-code solution that empowers users to quickly build and test everything they need.

Your SOAR Isn’t Scalable, so it Crashes

Unlike SOAR tools that crash due to alert volumes, D3 SOAR is load-balanced and able to handle any number of alerts. Huge companies and MSSPs rely on D3 for this reason.

Teamwork in Cyber

We chose D3 Security because it’s a superior product. It’s intuitive, flexible, and customizable. With D3, we have the functional means to save our resources and develop meaningful metrics and trend analysis.

Louis M., Security Operations Lead, Energy Industry

Benefits of our SOAR Replacement Service

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A tool your team will love
SOAR deployments often fail because the software causes more problems than it solves, leading security teams to avoid the tool entirely. Smart SOAR is intuitive and powerful, making it a favorite of SOC teams around the world.
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Keep what you've put in
Don’t let sunk costs keep you stuck on an underperforming platform. We’ll port over all the work you put in, such as playbooks and scripts, so none of your previous efforts go to waste.
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Stay focused on security
The last thing you want to do is distract your team with another lengthy SOAR implementation. Let us handle the transition so you can keep your team focused on protecting your organization.
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Better SOAR without any downside
Our Smart SOAR solution helps MSSP and MDR providers improve their margins by eliminating repetition waste and improving customer-to-analyst ratios. Plus, our dedicated program makes it easy to break up with your current SOAR.
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Eliminate the training burden
Combine a more intuitive, next-generation SOAR solution with playbooks, automations and reports that are familiar to your SOC staff. Let them focus on revenue-generating security work instead of building and learning new playbooks.
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White label SOAR replacement
Bring the power of next-generation SOAR to your own customers who are unhappy with their current SOAR solution. Our white-label program helps MSSPs identify and close SOAR replacement opportunities, generating valuable services revenue.

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  • Upgrading to Smart SOAR
  • Moving playbooks and actions
  • Migrating incident and case data