Proven results in Enterprise SOAR

Here are some enterprises we’ve helped...

CLIENT A - $10B Financial Services Company

From 3.6k to 350 Incident Tickets per month in 5 months

CLIENT B - £7B Stock Exchange Company

From 40 to 480 Incidents Closed per Shift in 4 months

CLIENT C - $7B Healthcare Organization

From 30 to 3 Minutes for Phishing Incident Response in 4 Months

Strengthen Your
Security Posture

  • Integrate your security infrastructure to respond to threats faster
  • Trigger investigation and remediation workflows as soon as threats are detected
  • Eliminate false positives, upskill your team and engage in proactive threat hunting

Realize Business

  • Track and report on incidents and evidence with comprehensive case management
  • Smooth acquisitions and company growth by enabling easy integration of new SOC tools or data sources
  • Scale to meet the needs of highly targeted, globally active organizations with large attack surfaces

A Comprehensive SOAR Platform

Security orchestration, automation, and response software for enterprises
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SOC Metrics
Data Feeding into a System

“D3 Security has provided a solid SOAR product, with a smooth learning curve, many out-of-the-box integrations and great support.”

SOC Manager, Tech Manufacturer

Scalable, Fast and Easy
Automation for Enterprises

Only Manage Real Incidents

With D3's Event Pipeline, all the noise is filtered out before it reaches your analysts' queue. Your team can focus entirely on genuine threats, not false positives, duplicates, and benign alerts.

event-pipeline-cyber-incident-response-playbook-for-cyber-alerts D3's Event Pipeline filters out all the noise before it reaches your IT analysts. The SOC team can focus on genuine cyber threats and security alerts.RespondTelemetryData IngestionNormalizationTriageDismissal & EscalationEDREmailCloud97%

Orchestrate Rapid Response

When a possible threat is detected, you can respond in seconds across your entire environment, via D3's codeless, automation-powered playbooks.

D3-soar-software-orchestrate-a-rapid-response-to-cyber-threats D3's codeless SOAR playbooks help businesses automate security operations, manage threats and vulnerabilities, and report incidents.ENDPOINTCLOUDEMAILNETWORK

Get Visibility into SOC Performance

Leverage D3's customizable reporting, SOC metrics, and dashboards to identify bottlenecks, precisely measure team performance, and find the gaps in your security.

cybersecurity-SOC-teams-and-security-orchestration-metrics D3's customizable SOAR reporting, SOC metrics, and dashboards help you identify bottlenecks and measure the performance of SOC teams.

Track MITRE ATT&CK TTPs in Your Environment

D3's MITRE ATT&CK Monitor dashboard tracks the occurrence of every adversary technique in your incident data, enabling you to deploy your resources effectively against recurring attacks.

cybersecurity-SOC-teams-and-security-orchestration-metrics D3's customizable SOAR reporting, SOC metrics, and dashboards help you identify bottlenecks and measure the performance of SOC teams. MITRE ATT&CK MonitorRECONNAISSANCEWEAPONIZATIONDELIVERYEXPLOITATIONINSTALLATIONCOMMAND & CONTROLACTION ON OBJECTIVES

Enterprise SOAR Use Cases

Frequently Asked Questions

What is orchestration and automation?

Security orchestration and automation technologies (primarily SOAR platforms) connect to other tools and inputs to ingest data, aid analysis, and trigger response actions. Some or all of the actions the technology performs will be automated, requiring little-to-no human involvement.

What is the difference between security orchestration and automation?

Automation is generally considered a subset of orchestration. Automation is the completion of a single task or sequence of tasks without human intervention. Orchestration is the broader coordination of an environment, including automated tasks, but also integrating with other tools to enable workflows across disparate systems.

How can I automate threat intelligence enrichment?

D3 Smart SOAR integrates with many threat intelligence platforms to automatically enrich alerts with valuable data such as file, IP, and domain reputation. D3 Smart SOAR can also ingest threat reports, parse the entities involved, and run playbooks to hunt for those entities in your environment.

What tools can SOAR integrate with?

D3 Smart SOAR can integrate with pretty much anything. We have integrations with premium technology partnerships with SIEM, TIP, EDR, Firewall, Email Protection, and Sandbox tools. If we don’t offer an out-of-the-box integration with one of your tools, it’s still easy to set up in our no-code playbook editor.

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