D3’s SOAR tools help SOC teams efficiently deal with security threats and manage cyber security incidents

D3 has been recognized by industry analyst firms for its case and investigation management features. We help your SOC maintain detailed records of your security incidents including time-stamped details and actions taken to resolve them. Our Smart SOAR platform helps you proactively manage incidents, with the ability to capture, search, and analyze information.

Give Serious Threats the Attention They Deserve

D3 automatically groups together related events, preventing redundant work and enabling deeper and more efficient investigations.

Teamwork Helps the Response
Unified Incident Response and Case Management
Our case management features are built into the incident report interface so that you can conduct an end-to-end investigation from a single pane of glass, without any context-switching.
Investigating Threats
Kill Chain Investigations
Track artifacts and TTPs across events and incidents in your environment to get a clear picture of your adversary’s intent.
Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics
Track the chain of custody for digital and physical evidence. D3’s fully configurable forms provide the flexibility to accommodate any and every artifact.

Investigate Cases in their Entirety

Conduct investigations of every type. Log relevant details and evidence around a case. Build a team of investigators, store digital artifacts, assign tasks by priority, and more. Explore the links between entities, artifacts, events, and stakeholders in an interactive data visualization. Log incidents, analyst summaries, evidence, actions taken, recommendations, expenses, and other granular details from the lifecycle of an incident, with everything time-stamped, to support legal and regulatory compliance.

D3 NextGen SOAR’s case management services help you create and manage a team of cybersecurity investigators

Collaborate Within or Beyond the SOC

Collaborate with cross-functional teams on a case, breaking down an investigation into sub-tasks that can be assigned to members of the investigation team. Analysts can submit notes, interviews, and other time-stamped artifacts to document and manage a case as its scope grows and evolves. The instant messaging and email interface built within the Case Management module help improve collaboration and speed up incident response times.

D3’s SOAR case management features help cross-functional cyber security teams collaborate and conduct incident investigations efficiently.

Track Evidence

D3 maintains provable chain of custody—a record of possession, location, etc. for both digital and physical artifacts collected during an investigation. This ensures that the data collected during an investigation is auditable and valuable during eDiscovery. For physical items, analysts can record details in custom fields, such as the make, model, serial number, inventory location, and photographs of the evidence.

Track Evidence - Case Management feature for SecOps, SOC and investigator teams

Stay Compliant and Secure

Build compliance forms right into the investigation dashboard. Configure them to the specific needs and use-cases of your organization. Demonstrate compliance with a full audit trail of actions, from case preparation to resolution, with date- and time-stamped records of the investigation. A fully documented chain of custody supports role-based access, enabling analysts to work on cases involving insider threats without compromising confidentiality.

D3 security's case management feature helps you stay compliant and secure

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