Provide contextual information on tactics, techniques, and sub-techniques based on the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix to every security alert

Give SOC teams the ability to query and validate security alerts with ATT&CK TTPs. Get a global view of attack trends with D3's ATT&CK Monitor. Our Smart SOAR platform can automatically map TTPs to security events and incidents through playbooks. It can also also ingest TTPs from third-party tools. Our platform also gives you the ability to add custom tactics and techniques.

Disrupt the Kill Chain of Attacks

Reveal the full extent of attacks so you know what your adversaries have done, and what they’re likely to do next.

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Connect the Dots
Correlate alerts with MITRE’s kill chain structure to understand where an event might fit tactically in the context of a larger attack.
Investigating Threats
Consolidate Alerts
Group events from the same attack into a single incident for efficient investigation.
Ochestration with D3 Soar
Mitigate Threats
Orchestrate incident response playbooks and hunt for traces of related techniques.

Correlate and Validate Alerts Tagged With ATT&CK TTPs

Query your entire security stack (EDR, NDR, firewall, SIEM, DLP, etc) to confirm and validate the presence of ATT&CK techniques. D3 eliminates false positives by cross-referencing events with data held in network, firewall, SIEM logs, and DLP tools. With unlimited out-of-the-box integrations, and a flexible API-based architecture, our SOAR platform makes the most out of every security tool in your SOC.

Check your entire security stack (EDR, NDR, firewall, SIEM, DLP, etc) to correlate and validate ATT&CK TTPs

Monitor the Most Important Threats in Your Environment

The Monitor dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of every ATT&CK technique in your environment. Users can drill down to see trends in attack techniques and sub-techniques by timeframe. The dashboard can be customized for different frameworks or custom parameters to provide a global view of your organization’s security posture.

Plan and execute incident response playbooks and hunt for traces of related techniques with D3 SOAR

Hunt for Threats Based on TTPs

D3 triggers an incident-specific playbook when an ATT&CK technique is identified by a security tool and ingested into the SOAR platform. The playbook automates admin tasks such as notifying relevant stakeholders. The playbook also queries, extracts and enriches incidents with contextual data from threat intelligence tools, and searches for related TTPs. Based on the findings, the analyst can trigger specific actions, such as isolating the host machine.

D3 SOAR software helps SOC experts and security operations teams to identify threats using threat intelligence tools and ATT&CK TTPs

Put High-Risk Techniques Under Surveillance

Search across past events and monitor future events for high-risk TTPs and IOCs. D3 fills in missing links in the kill chain and automates the surveillance of the most pressing threats by triggering alerts and notifications when they’re spotted. Detect advanced persistent threats and living off the land attacks based on post-compromise behavior.

Find high-risk TTPs and IOCs by searching across past and future events. Prevent alert overwhelm for your secops team with D3 SOAR platform.

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