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D3 has been serving enterprise clients in every imaginable vertical for over 10 years, so we know how to build, maintain, and improve technology that holds up to the most scrutiny possible. We’re no legacy company, however. Our Smart SOAR platform is at the forefront of the security automation revolution, helping clients around the world harness the power of their entire security infrastructure to rapidly identify, analyze, and resolve advanced threats.










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Adaptable and Innovative Solutions

Smart SOAR was the first SOAR platform to leverage the MITRE ATT&CK framework for automated attack correlation, gap analysis, and threat hunting. Our codeless playbooks made SOAR more accessible and affordable, by eliminating the need for Python coders when building and editing workflows.


Full-Lifecycle Technology

While many other SOAR platforms automate simple sequences and call it a day, Smart SOAR is built on a foundation of incident response and case management that enables its workflows to cover the entire lifecycle of an incident, and even extend to teams beyond the SOC.


The Leading Independent SOAR Vendor

Effective security orchestration requires connections to other tools, but most SOAR vendors are owned by larger technology companies that also make firewalls, SIEM, EDR, or other security tools. This compromises their ability to agnostically integrate with their competitors’ tools. So unless you only have one company’s products in your SOC, you want an independent SOAR vendor, and the leading choice is D3.


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