Smart SOAR for Manufacturers

With D3’s centralized cyber incident response platform, manufacturers’ security teams can protect their broad attack surface, reduce analyst strain, improve operational effectiveness, and lower mean time to resolution.

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Industry Security
Security Built for Industry 4.0
The modernization of manufacturing has exposed companies to increasingly costly cyber attacks. D3 gives you the tools you need to move faster and respond conclusively.
Manageable Playbooks
Proven Playbooks
D3 has playbooks built to the NIST 800-61 framework, giving manufacturers best practice workflows right out of the box.
Managable Procedures
Flexible Procedures
With a drag-and-drop playbook editor, D3’s workflows can be easily customized to match the unique SOPs of any manufacturer.
Protection for Broad Attacks
Protection for Broad Attack Surfaces
Networked factories, public-facing digital assets, and corporate endpoints make up just some of the broad attack surface today’s manufacturers must protect. D3 simplifies security by intaking alerts and orchestrating actions across the entire security infrastructure.

Offset the Skills Gap with Built-In Expertise

For security teams that don’t have as much budget or experience as they would like, D3’s SOAR platform—with its built-in automation, correlation, integrations, and playbooks standardized to the NIST framework—is especially valuable.

SOAR Across Fields

Respond to a Full Spectrum of Security Incidents and Breaches

D3 uniquely provides a single platform that is capable of managing the entire range of incident types that impact manufacturers, including IP theft, insider threats, sabotage, and brand protection.

Respond to many Attacks

Manage Global Security Operations and Investigations

For manufacturers who operate across numerous facilities and jurisdictions, D3 provides the ability to standardize and oversee operations on a global scale, complete with seamless scalability, multi-language support, and integrations with access control and video management systems.

Manage Global Security Operations with SOAR

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