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If you are conducting a SOAR vendor evaluation, you have got to see how Smart SOAR stacks up versus other SOAR tools. See for yourself the powerful automation and intuitive features provided by the first and only next-generation SOAR platform.

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D3 Event Pipeline

Automate tier-1 tasks with a single global playbook. D3’s Event Pipeline streamlines alert-handling with automated data normalization, threat triage, and auto-dismissal of false positives—ensuring that only genuine threats get escalated to analysts.

D3's Event Pipeline is a next-generation SOAR engine that enables triage, investigation, and response for every alert.

The Gold Standard for SOAR Playbooks

Access a library of out-of-the-box playbooks, utility commands, and unlimited technology integrations. Create, edit, test, and publish playbooks in a matter of minutes, without any coding required. Enable a "hot-swappable" architecture that lets you to swap out security tools without disrupting operations.

Test Playbooks Before They’re Live

Vendor-Agnostic Integrations

As an independent SOAR vendor, we own all integrations and ensure they are equally reliable. The industry's largest in-house team works full-time to keep all our integrations up-to-date and useful. This allows you to choose whichever security stack works best for you, now and in the future. You can also quickly and easily create your own custom integrations as needed.

Make the Mitre ATT&CK Framework Work for You

Stay one step ahead of your adversaries to break the kill chain. Confirm and validate the presence of ATT&CK techniques in security events and incidents by correlating your entire security stack (EDR, NDR, XDR, firewall, SIEM, DLP, etc.)

Plan and execute incident response playbooks and hunt for traces of related techniques with D3 SOAR

More Than Just SOAR

Track and report SOC metrics, trends, and KPIs , manage end-to-end investigations and visualize attacks as they unfold. Automate threat hunting and place important IOCs and TTPs under surveillance. Every SOC analyst, responder, and hunter gets insights and context from Smart SOAR, which enables them to complete their tasks quickly and accurately.

Looking for a Better SOAR?

If your existing SOAR vendor isn’t living up to expectations, we make it easy to break up with them. D3 Security’s SOAR replacement service provides expert migration of playbooks, automation scripts, and historical incident and case data from your existing solution to the Smart SOAR platform. We’re here to provide a SOAR solution with services and support that businesses of all sizes will love.

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