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Palo Alto Networks acquired Demisto in 2018 and later renamed it Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR. Unlike XSOAR which is part of the Cortex family of products, D3 Security’s Smart SOAR is fully vendor-agnostic. Our entire company is 100% focused on developing the best SOAR platform. Plus, we don’t sell any other products, so instead of combative relationships and surface-level integrations with your other vendors, we have strong ones. Because that’s what you need from your SOAR vendor.

Three Reasons Why Busy Security Teams Trust D3 Security

The Price is the Price
With Smart SOAR, there is no cap on the number of actions a client can take, no data-ingestion or alert limits, and no restriction on the number or complexity of playbooks. So when a cyberattack hits, your security team won’t worry about increased usage fees or warnings from vendors.
No-Code Automation
Is it really “out-of-the-box” if it requires coding? And are playbooks supposed to take 10 minutes to run? No way. With D3 SOAR, you get hundreds of premium integrations and playbooks with nesting (playbook within a playbook), parallelism (execute numerous actions at once), and clonability.
We’re MDR-Grade
We work with MDR firms as well as enterprise CSIRT teams doing tier-two-and-three work. Only Smart SOAR combines an event pipeline for automated triage with the case management and cross-stack orchestration that responders and hunt teams need to prosecute their missions.


Get a demo of our Smart SOAR platform to see how you can identify and monitor the adversary tactics, techniques and procedures in your environment. You can even trigger TTP surveillance of a kill chain and generate trend reporting on TTPs.

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“D3 Security offers a SOAR that allows users to validate and respond to incidents with automated kill chain playbooks, based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework or other tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) resources.”

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Compare Cortex XSOAR vs. Smart SOAR

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  • Vendor-Agnostic SOAR Is Better SOAR
  • Hundreds of integrations, thousands of actions, and strong relationships with all of your key vendors. High quality integrations, every time.
    Top-ranked SOAR product roadmap with quarterly releases that improve your SOAR software every 3 months.
    Your business means more to us. Speak to our CEO or CTO about your SOAR strategy.
  • No-Code Security Automation
  • Fully codeless playbook building and modification. Achieve hot-swappable SOC processes that are totally independent of the underlying technologies.
    Cruise playbook libraries, drag integrations, add human tasks, test and run playbooks, all from one visual dashboard.
    Empower SOC staff with pre-built, cross-vendor utility actions so you don’t have to maintain scripts or wait for developers
  • MSSP and Large Enterprise
  • Use vendor-agnostic integrations to onboard new clients/sites rapidly. Need a custom integration? Build it easily with utility commands, no scripting required.
    Full tenant isolation enables unique playbooks, users, asset connections and permissions for separate clients/sites
    Extend case/incident management capabilities beyond the SOC to privacy, ITOps, HR, etc.
  • Triage and Adversaries
  • Built-in event pipeline for automated triage with false positive dismissal
    MITRE ATT&CK Monitor dashboard
    Cross-stack search and surveillance for Indicators of Compromise and ATT&CK TTPs

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