Smart SOAR Integration

Datadog’s Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution can detect IT and security issues from across integrated cloud applications, networks, and infrastructure. While these solutions can generate analytics and integrate with communication tools like Slack to help coordinate response, they do not have a true incident response capability. The integration with D3 fills this gap by turning Datadog’s comprehensive information into automation-powered playbooks with full enrichment, orchestrated actions, and proven workflows for everything from cloud service outages to security breaches.

Datadog Integration

Integration features

Enrich Datadog alerts with third-party threat intelligence for improved triage
Run incident-specific playbooks for Datadog alerts
Investigate potential security implications of cloud performance issues
Orchestrate SecOps and IR workflows, with actions across 300+ other security tools

Key Use Case

#1: Cryptojacking Detection and Response

Cryptomining scripts can potentially be detected by Amazon GuardDuty and that information can be forwarded to Datadog—or Datadog APM could detect the drop in performance from the hijacked machine—but neither tool has the ability to fully investigate and remediate the threat on its own. D3 can retrieve the event, run it through MITRE ATT&CK correlation to identify tactics and techniques, and extract IOCs to compare against third-party threat intelligence to determine risk. Based on this information, the user can escalate the event to an incident if further investigation is required. D3 has a prebuilt automation-powered playbook for cryptojacking, which includes domain analysis and EC2 instance analysis.

Datadog Integration

#2: Security Alert Response Orchestration

By combining Datadog Security Monitoring for threat detection with D3 SOAR for incident enrichment and response, you can automatically escalate security threats to D3 and assess their criticality through data enrichment and MITRE ATT&CK matrix correlation. D3 can then trigger an automated response playbook or guide human analysts efficiently through manual steps, all within a single window.

Datadog Integration

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