In this video, Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP walks you through SIEM event-handling challenges solved by Smart SOAR and walks you through the steps taken by a SIEM enrichment playbook.

Steps for SIEM Enrichment

Step 1.
Ingest alerts from any SIEM tool. D3 has deep integrations with leading SIEM vendors.
Step 2.
Automatically extract IOCs (indicators of compromise).
Step 3.
Query SIEM for hosts affected, linked or alternate IOCs.
Step 4.
Gather IP and URL reputations score from internal or external threat intelligence sources.
Step 5.
Gather file hashes and automate the sandboxing and malware detonation process.
Step 6.
Map and correlate using ATT&CK TTPs. Adding all the enrichment data to an incident record.
Step 7.
Present the incident record to the analyst to quickly determine whether the event is malicious or not.
Step 8.
If the incident is convicted, the playbook then updates watchlists and threat intelligence and triggers whatever remediation steps are required.

Benefits of SIEM Enrichment

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Simplify Security in Multi-SIEM Environments

Smart SOAR allows you to focus on what's important—your security strategy, not the mechanics of your infrastructure. By integrating cloud and on-premise SIEM tools, it gives SOC teams the ability to monitor, triage, and respond to threats in a streamlined manner.
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Seamless Multi-tenancy For MSSPs

Smart SOAR enables the MSSP to connect its SIEM and the clients’ SIEMs to D3, through a single interface. MSSPs don’t have to bother learning the intricacies of every SIEM, and instead focus on security operations. Here, you will have complete segregation between client data, playbooks, and tools.
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Eliminate False Positives with Event Pipeline

Tired of noisy alerts clogging up your inbox? Instead of fine-tuning your SIEM rules, use the incredible power of D3's Event Pipeline to automatically identify over 90% of alerts as false positives. Empower teams to work faster. Stay on top of your alerts, focus on what matters most, and reduce noise.
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Leverage Codeless Playbooks

Build, test, and edit playbooks to remediate SIEM alerts without writing a single line of code. SOC teams can simply drag and drop playbook actions together, to automate and orchestrate complex incident response

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