The Best SOAR Solution for MSSP and MDR Firms

Here are some Managed Security Service Providers we’ve helped…


From 62 to 220 Customers Onboarded in 8 Mos.

Using Smart SOAR to facilitate integration with customer tools, the MSSP increased its customers onboarded by 255% in only 8 months.


From 30 to 4 Minutes Response Time for Malware Incidents in 4 Months

Using Smart SOAR, the security services provider improved its average response time for malware incidents by nearly 90% in four months.


From 6,6k to 51k Alerts Handled per Month in 5 Months

Using Smart SOAR, the security services provider was able to drive alerting and value higher, while reducing MTTR by almost 90%.

Give Your MSSP a Competitive Edge

Make Managed Security Services More Profitable

  • Eliminate repetition and service wastage through automated enrichment, alert consolidation and false positive dismissal
  • Onboard new customers faster and reach new markets with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations and playbooks that scale up or down to meet any use case
  • Monetize the MITRE ATT&CK Framework by selling a differentiated offering designed to help clients safeguard against known adversaries and their tactics, techniques and procedures.
NextGen SOAR is the best SOAR platform for MSSPs (managed security service providers)

Enable a High-Value Managed Detection and Response Offering

  • Drive alerting, triage and correlation from cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments with no ingestion or enrichment limits
  • Automate de-duplication, false positive dismissals and triage tasks so that SOC analysts deal with 90% less incidents
  • Empower analysts and threat hunting teams with automated playbooks for incident remediation, proactive threat hunting, and vulnerability management
Enable a High-Value Managed Detection and Response (MDRs) Offering.

Higher Margins

MSSPs that use Smart SOAR increase their profit margins through improved efficiency and high-value service offerings.
Provide high-margin services with Smart SOAR

Efficient Integration

Smart SOAR is the leading independent SOAR platform, allowing it to easily connect to unlimited tools via codeless integrations.
Easily connect to 500+ security tools via codeless integrations.

Flexible Deployment

Smart SOAR can be deployed in a cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid model, to meet the needs of any client base.
Flexibile deployment options with D3's Smart SOAR

Streamlined Operations

Smart SOAR makes it easier to manage your clients’ distinct environments, toolsets, and needs, by aggregating alerts, security data, and workflows on a single screen.
Streamline your workflows with Smart SOAR
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“D3 is giving a much better possibility for our business to grow, so even though we are rapidly growing, we’ll be able to scale up to a lot more customers without adding more staff.”

Philip Lyngø, Security & Analytics Manager, Trifork Security

Security Automation to Carry
Out Your Mission

Connect with Customer Environments

Leverage hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations to onboard new customers and drive alerting from multi-vendor cloud, hybrid and on-prem environments

Manage Numerous Tenants Securely and Easily

Onboard and manage multiple customers with multitenancy, data segregation and configurable access controls, while allowing easy management and reporting across all customers.

Turn Your MSSP into an MDR Provider

Enable high-value, highly differentiated Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services with our MDR Toolkit. It’s everything you need to ingest events, perform triage, and automate IR and threat hunting.

Attract, Retain and Engage SOC Staff

Focus security analysts and incident investigators on tasks that require human ingenuity and context, while D3 Security's Smart SOAR handles all the busy work like false positives, enrichment and correlation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is D3’s MDR toolkit?

The MDR toolkit is collection of capabilities in Smart SOAR that empower MSSPs to offer MDR services. The capabilities are the Event Pipeline, big data processing, and incident response.

Why is vendor-neutral SOAR important for MSSPs?

Because MSSPs serve multiple clients, they cannot afford to be limited to integrating with certain vendors’ products. If a SOAR platform is owned by a vendor that also makes a firewall, for example, they are unlikely to integrate smoothly with a competitor’s firewall. With a vendor-neutral SOAR platform like Smart SOAR, you can be assured that it will integrate seamlessly with any tools that your clients might use.

What high-value services does SOAR enable for MSSPs?

Smart SOAR can unlock several premium services that MSSPs might not otherwise be able to offer their clients. These include MITRE ATT&CK TTP monitoring, threat hunting based on IOCs found in incidents, and full-lifecycle incident response.

How can SOAR help MSSPs improve their analyst-to-customer ratios?

SOAR centralizes the functions of dozens of tools on a single interface through integrations across the stack, which makes operations more efficient. Analysts can manage a single queue with no screen-switching or manual threat intelligence lookups. Automation also greatly reduces time spent on repetitive tasks that usually take up the bulk of analysts’ time, such as alert triage.

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