MSSP SOAR Solutions

Security Automation and Orchestration for MSSPs

Bring efficiency and agility to your MSSP with XGEN SOAR. Automate alert-handling, aggregate data from your clients’ environments, and enable higher tier services through support for full incident remediation and threat hunting.

Scale and Optimize Your Managed Services

XGEN SOAR is the ideal solution for MSSPs who are looking to grow. By improving efficiency, XGEN SOAR enables MSSPs to scale their client base and service offerings without additional resources.

Higher Margins

MSSPs that use XGEN SOAR improve their profit margins through improved efficiency and high-value service offerings.

Efficient Integration

XGEN SOAR is the leading independent SOAR platform, allowing it to easily connect to 360+ tools via codeless integrations.

Flexible Deployment

XGEN SOAR can be deployed in a cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid model, to meet the needs of any client base.

Streamlined Operations

XGEN SOAR makes it easier to manage your clients’ distinct environments, toolsets, and needs, by aggregating alerts, security data, and workflows on a single screen.

Eliminate Multi-Tenancy Issues

Most SOAR platforms simply don’t offer the level of multi-tenancy that MSSPs need. They don’t support proper access controls across tenants, don’t adequately differentiate incoming data, or their architecture allows issues in one instance to affect all the others. XGEN SOAR segregates data and access controls between clients securely without slowing MSSP analysts down.

Enable Managed Detection & Response (MDR)-Style Services

XGEN SOAR helps MSSPs go beyond Tier 1 tasks by consolidating data from across clients’ security stacks and providing the advanced investigative capabilities needed to resolve threats—not just triage alerts. With XGEN SOAR, MSSPs get the data and codified workflows they need to handle alerts end to end.

Eliminate Security Tool Complexity

Whether they have full or partial access to their clients’ tools, MSSPs have to contend with complex security stacks for each of their many clients. XGEN SOAR integrates with 360+ tools to reduce that complexity to a single interface, from which analysts can aggregate data and functions from every client’s environment.

Enable High-Value Offerings

MSSPs can differentiate their offerings with XGEN SOAR, with features like MITRE ATT&CK-based dashboards, workflows, and gap reporting.

Eliminate Time Spent Onboarding

XGEN SOAR’s low-code integrations and guided setup enable MSSPs to onboard new clients much faster, drastically reducing the time to revenue.

Enable Efficient Scaling Across Your Client Base

XGEN SOAR’s playbooks and reports can be applied to individual clients, groups of clients, or scaled across all clients. This allows for complete customization when necessary while supporting efficient bulk deployment that eliminates redundant work.