Integrate With Everyone

Our in-house team maintains the integrations, spanning across security and beyond. We ensure that every integration is always fully featured and up-to-date. Our codeless integrations mean you can swap any vendor in your security stack with no downtime.

Solve Key Security Challenges

Equipped with a library of technology integrations, utility actions, and out-of-the-box playbooks, your SOC team can tackle your most important use-cases without the need for development resources.

Strengthen Your SecOps

Ingest, normalize, de-duplicate, and correlate event data from any app, stack or environment. Centrally manage and monitor your security posture, optimize operations and respond quickly to threats.


Stop being reactive and start being proactive with your SecOps. Stay ahead of your adversaries by understanding their frequent techniques, tactics, and procedures, and use this knowledge to disrupt the cyber kill chain.

Become a Threat Hunter

Get fast, reliable threat intel, and act on it with the click of a button. Run automation-powered Tier 3 playbooks to quickly identify critical issues and impacted assets, and respond before they cause damage.

Manage End-to-End Investigations

Securely conduct comprehensive investigations of major incidents. Collaborate with cross-functional teams and maintain a provable chain of custody for digital and physical evidence.

Generate Insights in Real-time

Produce SOC metrics, KPIs, and reports with little-to-no effort. Securely share them with with granular field-level access controls, ensuring only authorized users have access to sensitive data, without security or privacy risks.

Smart SOAR Technology Integrations
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Automation & Orchestration
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Threat Investigation
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Case Management
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SOC Metrics


The World's Leading Independent SOAR platform

Transform your security operations with Smart SOAR

Automate Triage of Security Alerts

D3's Event Pipeline is a global event playbook that automatically normalizes, de-duplicates, and dismisses or escalates security alerts. The technology filters out false positives and other noise, leaving only genuine threats for incident responders to handle. Unlock hyperautomation capabilities in your SOC, and move the real bad guys to the top of the queue. Our customers have used the Event Pipeline to reduce and consolidate alerts by up to 98%.

Unlimited Integrations

We own all of our integrations and guarantee their reliability as an independent SOAR platform. No matter what happens in the future or how much your business grows, you will always be able to rely on our platform as your core security automation solution.

Defeat Advanced Threat Actors

Track the techniques used by the most dangerous threat actors in your industry, put high-risk techniques under ongoing surveillance, and actively look for signs of adversaries in your environment with the help of MITRE ATT&CK's dashboards and TTP correlation.

MITRE ATT&CK Monitor in Smart SOAR

Accelerate Time To Value

Smart SOAR ships with a built-in library of playbooks, utility commands, and unlimited technology integrations. Our no-code playbook editor helps your SOC create, edit, test, and publish playbooks in a matter of minutes, without any coding required. Your SOC gets the freedom to switch vendors in your tech stack without any loss of visibility or disruption in security operations.

Test Playbooks Before They’re Live

Do More With Smart SOAR

Manage common SOC use-cases such as SIEM alert enrichment, phishing, and endpoint incident response. Deploy playbooks for workflows involving cross-functional teams outside the SOC, such as vulnerability management, cryptojacking, breach and attack simulation, and more. We’re always ready to work with you on new use-cases that adapt Smart SOAR to your exact needs.

A comprehensive guide to Smart SOAR

A Comprehensive Guide to Smart SOAR

Download our whitepaper to learn how Smart SOAR fixes the pain points of legacy SOAR products.

Hundreds of Premium Integrations

Fully featured and vendor-agnostic, Smart SOAR’s integrations can be launched and operating in seconds, with minimal time or effort required for setup and maintenance.

Smart SOAR for Enterprise

Smart SOAR has transformed SOCs across every major enterprise vertical

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Smart SOAR for MSSPs

Managed Services

How This MSSP Optimized Operations and Outpaced the Competition

This European MSSP, a well-established, international company with hundreds of customers across verticals chose D3 Smart SOAR as the centerpiece of their revitalization efforts. Now, they’re able to onboard major clients and offer higher-value services without increasing headcount.

Smart SOAR MSSP Case Study

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