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If you’re looking for a comprehensive, yet easy to use SOAR platform, look no further. Smart SOAR includes an in-depth case management module, supports multi-tenancy, and can produce wide range of report types. Our SOAR platform is protocol agnostic - it can connect with REST, IMAP, LDAP, and SOAP-based services, ensuring that it can integrate with every security tool in your tech stack.

Smart SOAR ships with a library of playbooks, unlimited vendor integrations, and hundreds of utility commands to speed up your deployment and incident response. Our playbooks also support Python and SQL scripts, enabling users to create their own integration commands and utility commands.

3 Reasons Why SOC Teams Love Smart SOAR

Bring hyperautomation capabilities to your SOC with Event Pipeline our global event playbook. It automates IOC extraction, normalizes data, performs ATT&CK analysis on suspicious behavior, removes false positives and auto-escalates serious threats.
Monitor incidents with our Ongoing Surveillance feature. Schedule a search based on incident data. If new events are found in the search, the SOAR platform creates and associates the found events to the current incident.
Our playbooks can handle complex filtering, conditions and winding of multiple tasks results in one single task operation. Users can customize interaction levels to bring human input in between tasks. We also provide the ability to test playbooks in a sandbox environment.


Get a demo of our Smart SOAR platform to see how you can identify and monitor the adversary tactics, techniques and procedures in your environment. You can even trigger TTP surveillance of a kill chain and generate trend reporting on TTPs.

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“D3 Security offers a SOAR that allows users to validate and respond to incidents with automated kill chain playbooks, based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework or other tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) resources.”

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Compare Tines SOAR vs. Smart SOAR

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  • Fully Featured SOAR vs Entry-Level SOAR
  • Unlimited integrations and Event Pipeline enable customers to drive alerts from multi-vendor environments, dismiss false positives and automate triage and IR.
    Extensive incident response case management module. Track evidence, investigators, KPIs/SLAs, etc.
    Supports REST, IMAP,LDAP, and SOAP protocols, enabling hundreds of fully-featured integrations.
  • Powerful No-Code Playbooks
  • Use our visual playbook editor to test and refine your playbooks.
    Harness hundreds of built-in cross-vendor utility actions.
    Create integration commands and utility commands with custom Python and SQL scripts
  • Workflow Support for Large Enterprises & MSSPs
  • Simplify onboarding with our multi-tenant architecture, which enables MSSPs to set up and manage multiple sites from a single instance.
    Ample feature set, including audit tracking, link analysis, and tracking on every event, incident, and case.
    Role-based information access controls ensures business data is only visible to those who need it.
  • Committed to Customer Success
  • Automation experts assigned to each account with CISSP designation
    Fast deployment with an ROI guarantee.
    Special programs designed around clients’ needs such as SOAR Replacement, SOAR Implementation and Chronos for MSSPs.

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