SOAR for the Public Sector

NextGen SOAR for the Public Sector

Centralizing on D3 helps public sector entities bolster their security, streamline their operations, and manage their spending—all while staying a step ahead of their adversaries.


D3 Security SOAR Platform Dashboards

More with Less

D3 allows public entities to get the most out of their budgets by automating time-consuming tasks and streamlining operations.

Integrated Legacy Systems

D3 integrates with hundreds of tools, enabling public entities to continue getting value of their existing security investments.

Low Operating Cost

D3 charges a simple, per-user fee with no additional charges for data volume, automated actions, or any other unexpected costs.

Data Privacy Controls

D3 not only protects sensitive data from attacks, but also internally via granular access controls and secure collaboration.

Automated Investigation and Response

Public sector entities have a large attack surface, which results in a high alert volume. D3 helps streamline triage and response by automating investigative and response tasks.

Close the Skills Gap Through Security Automation and Orchestration

D3’s automation and orchestration features enrich incident reports with threat intelligence, reputation data, historical incident data, and other valuable contextual information to support analysts of any experience level to conduct fast and accurate analysis of threats.

Comply with State and Federal Cybersecurity Standards

D3 allows you to standardize and document your response processes to support regulatory compliance and adherence to the NIST and FISMA cybersecurity frameworks.