Smart SOAR for the Technology Sector

SOCs in technology and software companies require orchestration, incident response, and investigation solutions that can adapt, scale, and enable constant transformation, while protecting sensitive data and systems.

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Security that Keeps Up with the Pace of Innovation
The high-tech industry moves fast and so does D3, enabling growth and transformation by protecting sensitive data and systems against external and internal risks.
Accessible and Adaptable
With it’s drag-and-drop playbook builder, D3 requires no coding ability to operate, but for technically savvy users, there is no ceiling on how you can customize D3 for your exact vision.
Easy Integration
As the leading vendor-agnostic SOAR platform, D3 allows you to easily create powerful integrations with your favorite security tools.
Scalable Solutions
For growing companies, D3 provides a scalable, futureproof, platform. Simply add more user seats, sites, and tools as needed.

Rapidly Stop Security Incidents and Breaches

The high-tech industry attracts highly skilled attackers, so companies need automation and orchestration to quickly coordinate response across their security infrastructure.

Prepare for Advanced, Targeted Attacks

D3 gives high-tech companies everything they need to defend against sophisticated attacks, with tools to track adversaries and evidence across multiple incidents and timelines, and the ability to prioritize threats based on potential for business disruption.

Align Your Team, Tools, and Resources

To successfully defend your high-tech company from adversaries and insider threats, you need the right alignment. D3 serves as connective tissue between teams so they can seamlessly coordinate incident response tasks.

Get Started with D3 Security

One platform to stop alert overwhelm. Transform how your security team works, by focusing its resources on real threats.