There’s Only One #1 SOAR Solution

Swimlane SOAR is a vendor-agnostic offering with playbooks and integrations, but its not the same as D3 Security’s next-generation platform. Many security teams have found D3 Security's Smart SOAR to be the ultimate Swimlane alternative, thanks to its unparalleled features and ease of use. Unlike other SOAR solutions which require extensive Python expertise to get full value, D3 Security’s is fully codeless. Everything from playbooks to trend reporting can be done through a quick and easy visual editor.

D3 Security’s Smart SOAR Platform has been designed to be highly scalable. Lengthy jobs do not hold up the prompt ingestion of alerts and alert volume surges do not cause backlogs of tasks and queries. With D3 Security, customers experience reliable ingestion, job queuing and playbooks.

Three Reasons Why Busy Security Teams Trust D3 Security

The Price is the Price
With Smart SOAR, there is no cap on the number of actions a client can take, no data-ingestion or alert limits, and no restriction on the number or complexity of playbooks. So when a cyberattack hits, your security team won’t worry about increased usage fees or warnings from vendors.
No-Code Automation
Is it really “out-of-the-box” if it requires coding? And are playbooks supposed to take 10 minutes to run? No way. With D3 SOAR, you get hundreds of premium integrations and playbooks with nesting (playbook within a playbook), parallelism (execute numerous actions at once), and clonability.
We’re MDR-Grade
We work with MDR firms as well as enterprise CSIRT teams doing tier-two-and-three work. Only Smart SOAR combines an event pipeline for automated triage with the case management and cross-stack orchestration that responders and hunt teams need to prosecute their missions.


Get a demo of our Smart SOAR platform to see how you can identify and monitor the adversary tactics, techniques and procedures in your environment. You can even trigger TTP surveillance of a kill chain and generate trend reporting on TTPs.

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“D3 Security offers a SOAR that allows users to validate and respond to incidents with automated kill chain playbooks, based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework or other tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) resources.”

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Compare Swimlane SOAR vs. Smart SOAR

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  • Platform Capabilities
  • Built-In Event Pipeline for automated false positive dismissal
    Cross-stack search and surveillance for Indicators of Compromise and ATT&CK TTPs
    Full no-code solution; Python coding skills not required to build playbooks, trend reports, etc.
  • Playbooks & Automation
  • Real-time playbook and task testing within playbook editor, plus sandbox environment for testing
    Hundreds of pre-built, cross-vendor utility commands instead of Python scripting
    Playbook execution is presented visually with inputs, outputs, task statuses (pending/running/complete) displayed for user
  • Large Enterprise & MSSP
  • Complex workflows are independent of dynamic forms and support branching, looping, sequencing, and contextual user interaction triggers
    Full tenant isolation enables unique playbooks, users, asset connections and permissions for separate clients/sites
    Custom tasks can be copied and used in different tenants’ playbooks, no need to re-create
  • Customer Success
  • Each customer assigned a D3 SOAR expert with CISSP designation or greater
    Product designed to focus users on critical tasks instead of numerous simultaneous incident windows
    Special programs designed around clients’ needs such as SOAR Replacement, SOAR Implementation and Chronos for MSSPs

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