Strengthen your security posture by enabling streamlined and automated response. With D3 Security SOAR you can implement basic and advanced SOC processes as easy-to-manage codeless playbooks.

Playbooks for Real-World SOC Tasks

Use Cases: Automate Them
Get access to it all: out-of-the-box playbooks built by SOC experts, hundreds of pre-built integrations, and an easy drag-and-drop playbook builder.
Security Pros: Empower Them
Security analysts can build, modify and publish playbooks in seconds, with no coding required, while team leaders can set playbook-editing and publishing permissions.
Technologies: Update Them
Deeply integrated with, yet fully independent of, underlying technologies, Smart SOAR playbooks enable a “hot-swappable” infrastructure that allows you replace security technologies, without interfering with day-to-day operations.

Proven Playbooks for Day 1

Benefit from a library of out-of-the-box playbooks based on the NIST 800-61 and SANS incident-handling methodologies, along with other common workflows from our SOC experts and our customer community.

Using D3 SOAR’s IR playbooks, SOC experts can replace security technologies without affecting day-to-day operations.

Automate Key Use Cases

Get a handle on phishing, ransomware, password resets and any other activity that affects your team the most with D3 Smart SOAR’s out-of-the-box playbooks and integrations, and customization capabilities.

Manage phishing, ransomware, password resets, and cyber threats all in one on-prem and cloud security software with D3’s NextGen SOAR

Everything About Playbooks in One Place

Manage all aspects of your playbooks in one place with D3 Smart SOAR’s visual playbook editor. From this single screen, you can access the playbook library, available integrations, utility commands, and our playbook testing panel.

The best SOAR(security orchestration and automation) no-code playbook editor with 500+ integrations, utility commands, and testing features..

Utility Actions for Greater Ease of Use

Leverage our pre-built utility actions, including enrichment actions, TTP and IOC searches, custom correlations and remedial actions, which require no coding or setup—just drag-and-drop into place!

NextGen SOAR ships with a vast library of utility actions for enrichment, TTP and IOC searches, response actions, and more.

Test Playbooks Before They’re Live

Use the playbook and action testing feature from within the visual playbook editor, to make sure everything is smooth and safe, before production. Test each step, including actions and conditional logic, without interfering with production data or leaving the playbook editor.

Test Playbooks Before They’re Live

Iterate and Optimize Playbooks

Manage your playbook lifecycles using access controls, version controls with rollback capability, and reusable blocks and utilities that make running your SOC easier. Run analytics on playbooks to spot improvement opportunities.

Test D3 SOAR Playbooks before they go live.

Fundamentally improve your organization’s security capabilities with no-code automation for security teams.

Phishing Playbook in Smart SOAR
Ransomware playbook in Smart SOAR
Cryptojacking playbook in Smart SOAR
Endpoint security playbook in Smart SOAR
Vulnerability managment playbook in Smart SOAR
Breach simulation playbook in Smart SOAR
Threat Intelligence Enrichment Playbook in Smart SOAR

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