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Security operations teams have often been faced with a trade-off. If their detection tools are tuned to be sensitive, they get a deluge of false positive, duplicate, and low-fidelity alerts and have to spend too much time on triage and investigation. But if they turn down the sensitivity of their detection rules, they risk letting serious incidents slip through. But there is a third way.

With D3 Security’s Event Pipeline, all alerts are ingested into one global playbook that systematically normalizes, de-duplicates, and dismisses or escalates security alerts. False positives and other noise are handled by the system, leaving only real incidents for responders.

Where High-Fidelity Incident Records Are Made

Extracts fields, IOCs, and other data to create a clear and consistent picture of each alert.

D3's Event Pipeline is a next-generation SOAR engine that enables triage, investigation, and response for every alert.

Enriches and rates events on severity via third-party threat intelligence sources, triggers nested playbooks, adds context, and groups similar events.

D3's Event Pipeline is a next-generation SOAR engine that enables triage, investigation, and response for every alert.

Applies rule-based filters to auto-close false-positive events, escalate serious threats to incidents, and trigger incident response playbooks.

D3's Event Pipeline is a next-generation SOAR engine that enables triage, investigation, and response for every alert.


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Ingest from Anywhere
Ingests alerts, signals and intelligence from endpoint solutions, SIEM, network devices, cloud infrastructure, threat intelligence, plus many others, through unlimited integrations, webhook, API fetch, or file upload.
Data Normalization
Field Mapping
Extracts and maps key event fields and artifacts, like host names, IP addresses, process command lines, and MITRE ATT&CK TTP labeling, from the raw data. Once normalized as a D3 record, related events are presented via correlation of artifacts.
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Triage and Enrichment
Enriches the normalized events using reputation score or threat intelligence sources. Internal configuration also plays a role as D3 maintains a list of an organization’s critical assets, such as usernames or devices associated to VIPs, which can elevate an incident’s severity.
Search Across Stacks
Cross-Stack Search
Following enrichment, nested playbooks trigger simultaneous searching across EDR, SIEM, identity and other tools to actively hunt for related events. Unlike other SOAR tools which conduct searches one after another, D3 can trigger and run dozens of searches at once.
Dismiss or Escalate
Dismiss or Escalate
Leverages dismissal rules set in D3 to filter and auto-close false positive or benign events. Events with elevated severity or confirmed risk which have not been dismissed are escalated as a real incident. Incident response can be fully or partially automated, based on the security team’s preferences.
Thumbs up MDR Ready
The Event Pipeline is built on a unique microservice and NoSQL architecture that can scale to meet the needs of any SOC or MSSP. The multitenant architecture allows MSSPs and MDRs to securely segregate clients’ data and workflows without having to leave the D3 interface.
MSSP Notes
Case Study

Learn how this SecOps team reduced incidents by 90%—and why they fired their MSSP.

We’re friends with your existing software

D3 Smart SOAR and its Event Pipeline seamlessly integrate with your security tools and intelligence sources to get more value out of your stack.

D3’s SOAR platform includes security integrations with Palo Alto, Zerofox, Tenable, Datadog, Zscaler, and others.

How We Compare

Let’s be clear: we work with Enterprise and MSSP customers. MDR firms too. We love them all. But we’ve also seen how powerful our event pipeline is. Enterprises who use it deal with 90% less incidents, leading to many tough conversations between them and their MSSP vendors.

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Ability to connect with and leverage all your tools Checked Icon
Artifact extraction, mapping, correlation, and surveillance Checked Icon
Alert enrichment with threat intelligence and list rules Checked Icon
Transparent view into events, incidents and activities Checked Icon
Root cause-resolution systematic guided workflow Checked Icon
De-duplication, triage and dismissal rules to reduce false positives Checked Icon
Incident dismissal and escalation Checked Icon
Remediation guidance Checked Icon
Cross-stack IOC and TTP search for proactive threat hunting Checked Icon
Stealthy threat detection Checked Icon
Traditional tier 1 security work execution Checked Icon
Traditional tier 2 response work execution Checked Icon
Vulnerability management workflows Checked Icon
Performance reports for every SOC analyst Checked Icon
Ability to fundamentally improve your SecOps & IR processes Checked Icon

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