Freedom From Bill Shock and Vendor Lock-In

Since its inception, D3 has remained fiercely independent, to provide SOC teams reliable, up-to-date integrations with all of their tools, not just a few. As a vendor-neutral SOAR platform, we give our clients flexibility and freedom from vendor lock-in and proprietary integrations. Our focus has always been on providing the best possible value — no agenda, no conflicts of interest. We do not have adversarial relationships with any security vendors. As a result, our integrations are both comprehensive and deep.

We follow a standard pricing model. Unlike other SOAR vendors, It does not fluctuate based on usage or data volume, ensuring that your security budgets are predictable. We also offer a flexible monthly pricing option for MSSPs.

3 Reasons Why People Choose D3 Security

D3 Security provides SOC teams the ability to customize playbooks, incident forms, and the reporting module based on their business needs. Our playbooks can execute multiple actions in parallel, making incident response scalable and capable of tackling massive workloads. Playbooks can also be nested, making them reusable and maintainable.
We’ve been working on SOAR before the term was invented. Our SOAR platform is informed by decades of experience in the field of cybersecurity and incident response. We have experience in working with leading Fortune 500 companies in finance, technology, and healthcare sectors, and our next-generation SOAR platform is highly mature because of it.
Add or replace security tools in your SOC without worrying about downtime or a lack of visibility due to coverage gaps. Smart SOAR supports both on-premises and cloud-based deployment. Our clients never have to worry about orchestration issues in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Get a demo of our Smart SOAR platform to see how you can identify and monitor the adversary tactics, techniques and procedures in your environment. You can even trigger TTP surveillance of a kill chain and generate trend reporting on TTPs.

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“D3 Security offers a SOAR that allows users to validate and respond to incidents with automated kill chain playbooks, based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework or other tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) resources.”

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Compare Splunk SOAR vs. Smart SOAR

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  • Fully Loaded SOAR vs “Feature Set” SOAR
  • Add hyperautomation capabilities to your SOC with Event Pipeline. Our global event playbook automates triage and dismisses false positives by over 90%.
    Best of breed case management features. Track all aspects of an incident, e.g. artifacts, timeline, roles and responsibilities, linked incidents, etc.
    Deep integrations with unlimited vendors, ranging from SIEM, EDR, Email, Network Security, and Cloud vendors.
  • Codeless Playbooks vs Pythonic Playbooks
  • Change incident response plans on the fly, swap out data sources or toolsets using our drag-and-drop visual playbook editor.
    Ships with a built-in library of hundreds of cross-vendor utility commands to process and manipulate data, generate reports, run playbooks, and more.
    Test playbooks, tasks, and data inputs in a sandbox environment from within the playbook editor. Run custom Python code in SOAR playbooks as custom utility actions and integrations.
  • Workflow Support for Large Enterprises & MSSPs
  • Manage complex investigations and diverse incident response scenarios with cross-incident playbooks. Collaborate with departments outside of the SOC.
    Detailed audit tracking for actions and exhibits, which can be locked, producing assets that can be used in legal proceedings.
    Extensive information access controls that can be granularly configured to the field-level to match an organization’s requirements.
  • Committed to Customer Success
  • Each customer is assigned a D3 SOAR expert with CISSP designation or greater.
    24-7-365 support provided by security experts.
    Special programs designed around clients’ needs such as SOAR Replacement, SOAR Implementation and Chronos for MSSPs.

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