Security orchestration, automation AND RESPONSE (SOAR)

XGEN SOAR makes security orchestration, automation and response easy. Connect your tools using REST API and vendor-agnostic integrations, and automate workflows without coding. Attract and retain SOC staff, maximize all of your technology investments, and innovate faster than ever.

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Security automation that helps you achieve more

XGEN SOAR gives security teams the automation and orchestration they need to offload manual processes, spot real incidents, and trigger actions.

Connect to Any REST API or Web App

Ingest, normalize, de-dupe and correlate event data from any app, stack or environment. Hundreds of fully featured, vendor-agnostic integrations plus REST API put you in the driver’s seat.

Threat Intelligence Enrichment

Automatically enrich security events with the full spectrum of threat intelligence including indicator, actor, digital risk, fraud, industry and service data. Enable threat intel sources within XGEN SOAR.

Eliminate All of the Noise

Bring related security events together in a high-fidelity incident record. Make security operations easier by auto-remediating false or benign alerts, and focusing analysts on real incidents and high-impact work.

Integration and playbook fusion

XGEN SOAR enables you to configure and test integrations and playbooks from a single screen; no jumping back and forth between the integration marketplace and playbook environment. As you bring on more integrations and playbooks, our seamless SOAR setup process saves considerable time and effort, helping you and your team to accomplish more.


Universal REST API

XGEN SOAR’s Universal REST API eliminates all of the pain points usually associated with security tool integration. Connect with ease to any REST API or web application no matter the product, version, vendor, or if its in-house or custom-built. Plus, you can leverage the full functionality of your tech stack for automated workflows.

Context-driven triage and prioritization

XGEN SOAR provides security analysts and response playbooks with all of the context needed to drive highly intelligent, rapid and scalable threat investigation and incident response. Opening an alert for the first time, analysts are presented with incident type(s) and playbook(s), linked events, IOCs, logs, and data from threat intelligence, incident knowledge and MITRE ATT&CK. The level of context available is so high that many XGEN SOAR customers have fully automated their tier-1 security workflows.


Work on 90% fewer incidents

XGEN SOAR’s security orchestration and automation capabilities have enabled customers to dramatically reduce the amount of incidents and false positives that their security team has to deal with. With the automated solution in place, time and resources gained allow the security team to invest their time on high-impact activities that increase cybersecurity capabilities and posture.

Hundreds of Premium Integrations

Fully featured and vendor-agnostic, XGEN SOAR’s integrations can be launched and operating in seconds, with minimal time or effort required for setup and maintenance.


10x Real World SOAR Case Study

10x: Real-World SOAR Case Study



Product Guide for D3 NextGen SOAR Platform

NextGen SOAR Product Guide

Orchestration & Automation FAQ

What is orchestration and automation?

Security orchestration and automation technologies (primarily SOAR platforms) connect to other tools and inputs to ingest data, aid analysis, and trigger response actions. Some or all of the actions the technology performs will be automated, requiring little to no human involvement.

What is the difference between security orchestration and automation?

Automation is generally considered a subset of orchestration. Automation is the completion of a single task or sequence of tasks without human intervention. Orchestration is the broader coordination of an environment, including automated tasks, but also integrating with other tools to enable workflows across disparate systems.

How can I automate threat intelligence enrichment?

D3 XGEN SOAR integrates with many threat intelligence platforms to automatically enrich alerts with valuable data such as file, IP, and domain reputation; links to other incidents, and risk scoring.

What tools can SOAR integrate with?

D3 XGEN SOAR can integrate with pretty much anything. We have more than 360 integrations, including premium technology partnerships with SIEM, TIP, EDR, Firewall, Email Protection, and Sandbox tools. If we don’t offer an out-of-the-box integration with one of your tools, it’s still easy to set up in our no-code, guided setup.