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Help your customers solve today’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges, while growing your revenues. D3’s SOAR platform is proven, flexible, and easy-to-use, making it an easy sell in any vertical. Most importantly, D3 is the leading independent SOAR vendor, so you can sell to any customer, regardless of what other security tools they use.

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Any SOAR platform is only as strong as its integrations. Integrations are what enable SOAR users to combine the power of their entire security stack on a single screen, orchestrating actions across the environment to stop cyberattacks. Talk to us about integrating your security tools with D3 Smart SOAR and join forces with the world’s leading software solutions.

Who are Our Channel Partners?

D3’s network of channel partners makes next-generation SOAR available to companies around the world. The types of organizations we work with include:

SOAR Concierge
Value-Added Resellers
Event Investigation
Value-Added Distributors
SOAR Ochestration
Managed Service Providers

Why Partner with D3?

We support our partners throughout the sales and implementation process with:

  • Technical training courses and certifications
  • Deal registration
  • Joint webinars
  • Collaboration with D3’s sales team
  • Free demo access
  • SPIFFs
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The D3 Partner Portal

Partners get access to our Partner Portal, which includes a library of sales and marketing resources, technical training, white-label assets, and much more.

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