Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare Case Study

How a Healthcare System Rebuilt their Cybersecurity through D3 SOAR

Following a significant data breach that cost them millions of dollars, this multi-state healthcare system wanted to rebuild their security operations from the ground up, bringing incident response and digital forensics fully in-house. Knowing they were facing skills and resources shortages, the leadership identified Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) technology as an important force-multiplier for security operations, incident response, and digital forensics case management.

Download this Case Study to Learn:

  • Why D3 was chosen as the platform that could meet the health system’s requirements
  • How D3 allows for cohesion and collaboration across the organization’s departments
  • Which integrations were implemented enable automation of key security tasks
  • How D3 has reduced the time to complete a data breach investigation by 99%
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