Smart SOAR for the Healthcare Industry

The D3 Platform helps you to establish the right procedures and coordinate response to the full spectrum of threats across your cybersecurity, physical security, fraud, and data privacy responsibilities. Analytics and trend reports help identify risks before they cause a major incident or breach.

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Managed Ransomware
Managed Ransomware Risk
No tool can eliminate the risk of ransomware, but D3 enables healthcare providers to quickly identify, analyze, and contain attacks.
Improved Data Breach Response
Improved Data Breach Response
With D3 as the centerpiece of your security operations, you can find the activity that could lead to data breaches and manage the post-incident investigation if a breach does occur.
Scalable Digital Forensics
Scalable Security
D3 is the ideal solution for major healthcare systems and other organizations with multiple facilities, due to its ability to easily segregate data, playbooks, and access controls across sites.
Proven Workflows
Proven Workflows
D3’s playbooks are built to standards from NIST, SANS, and others to meet the stringent needs of regulated healthcare providers.

Resiliency and Incident Response Planning

Prevention, detection, and response are the keys to your healthcare organization’s resiliency. D3 helps you visualize, codify, test, strengthen, and deploy all phases of your security incident and breach response plans.

Incident Response Data

SOAR Across the Budget and Skills Gaps

When a threat is detected, an organization must coordinate the people, systems, data, and rules involved—but a lack of resources can make this difficult. With D3, investigations can be automated, drastically shortening the incident response time and freeing analysts from inane tasks.

SOAR Across Fields

Collaboration and Case Management

Collaborating while managing 10+ security tools and a web of regulations can be vexing—but it doesn’t have to be. D3 has 360+ integrations, prebuilt compliance forms, and a workflow engine that has helped simplify security at the two largest healthcare systems in the US.

Integrated Tools

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