Security Orchestration and Automation for the Needs of Your Industry

All industries face common threats and require the same tools to face them. However, each industry has its own unique challenges. APT groups focus on certain industries, compliance obligations vary widely, and the attack surface might be completely different. D3’s client base extends across every major vertical, which has given us the experience to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

Financial Services

Because of strict compliance, data privacy, and security needs, not every SOAR platform is suited to the high-stakes world of financial services. International banks and other major financial organizations trust Smart SOAR because it meets all of their needs, combining powerful orchestration and automation, turnkey compliance reporting, and the flexibility needed to track cases across departments.

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Healthcare providers face some of the most sophisticated cyberattacks of any industry. Hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations trust Smart SOAR to help them protect against and respond to major incidents like data breaches and ransomware, as well as fulfill their day-to-day security and compliance needs. Smart SOAR enables them to respond fast to attacks before they develop, with the ability to hunt down threats based on IOCs and MITRE ATT&CK TTPs.

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Because of the connectivity of the modern manufacturing industry, manufacturers need to protect a very broad attack surface. Major manufacturing companies trust Smart SOAR to quickly resolve threats, increase the effectiveness of their security personnel, and manage their global security operations. Smart SOAR can help manage the entire range of incidents faced by manufacturers, from insider threat to ransomware.

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High Tech

The pace of innovation opens technology companies to sophisticated attacks against their valuable data and high-profile digital assets. Makers of FinTech, cloud software, and other technology trust Smart SOAR to move at the speed they do, scaling and adapting to combat threats. For companies with public-facing products, NextGen SOAR gives them the ability to prioritize threats based on the potential for business disruption.

Phone Factory

Energy & Utilities

The energy sector is uniquely faced with some of the most dangerous security threats and strict compliance requirements. Energy companies and utilities rely on Smart SOAR as the heart of their security operations, benefiting from D3’s out-of-the-box NIST playbooks and compliance reports. Uniquely among SOAR tools, NextGen SOAR can integrate with IT and OT systems for converged management of cyber and physical security incidents.

Telephone Lines

Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment are among the most targeted industries, due to their valuable content assets and heavy influence on public perception. Media conglomerates trust Smart SOAR’s centralized system for SOC operations that can integrate with enrichment sources, enable faster response through automation, and better leverage existing tools. D3’s automation-powered incident playbooks and investigations hub provide a single pane of glass for security actions and reporting.

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Public Sector

Public sector entities face the challenge of overhauling their incident response technology to keep up with growing attacks from both nation states and for-profit hackers. Governments, agencies, transit authorities, and other public sector entities centralize their operations on Smart SOAR to bolster their security, streamline their operations, and manage their spending—all while staying a step ahead of their adversaries.

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