Smart SOAR Integration

Integrations with Sophos Central and Sophos Intercept X make D3 the perfect command center for intaking events, scanning for malicious files, and orchestrating actions across endpoints. D3’s automation-powered playbooks, MITRE ATT&CK framework, and deep investigative capabilities bring effective and repeatable workflows to all endpoint events.

Sophos Integration

Integration features

Ingest events from Sophos Central
Block files by hash from D3
Orchestrate endpoint scans
Clear viruses from infected endpoints

Key Use Case


Compromised Endpoint Remediation

When a compromised endpoint is detected, D3 enriches the alert with threat intelligence to get a risk score. If the file is determined to be malicious, D3 can then query other endpoints via Sophos Intercept X to find any other instances of the file. Having now identified the full extent of the compromise, the analyst can use D3 to orchestrate actions across the affected endpoints, such as to remove the file, block the hash, kill processes, or quarantine the endpoint.

Kill-Chain-Based Enrichment and Response

When D3 ingests an event from Sophos Central, it correlates against MITRE ATT&CK to determine the adversarial techniques. D3 then collects other relevant endpoint events based on parameters such as the general timeframe of the attack. D3 parses those endpoint events to find and categorize correlated IOCs, techniques, and tactics. D3 then maps these data points across the MITRE ATT&CK framework to build out the kill chain of the larger attack that these pieces represent.

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