Smart SOAR Integration

D3 Smart SOAR integrates seamlessly with LogRhythm Axon to enhance both alert management and rapid cross-stack responses to security incidents, offering a more comprehensive security solution for enterprises and MSSPs.

Integration Features

Manage alerts from multiple sources through a unified interface, simplifying the incident response process.
Leverage our no-code playbook editor to implement and manage the integration.
Prioritize and enrich alerts automatically, allowing your security team to focus on more critical issues.
Monitor multiple Axon instances from a single interface, for greater operational efficiency.
Implement analytic rules to specific tenants, allowing for more targeted and effective security measures.


Rapid Incident Response

Quick response to emerging threats is a cornerstone of effective cybersecurity. D3 Smart SOAR's integration with LogRhythm Axon drastically reduces the time required to respond to incidents. Through a streamlined user interface and automated triaging and enrichment features, your security team can focus on the most critical threats. This ensures that high-priority incidents are investigated and mitigated promptly, minimizing potential damage and reducing the overall time to resolution.

Automated Health Monitoring

Maintaining the operational health of your security tools is crucial in today's complex security landscape. This integration provides automated health monitoring features that allow you to proactively ensure the efficacy of your integrated security tools. Should any issues arise, the system can automatically alert the appropriate teams, facilitating quick resolution and maintaining a robust security posture.

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