Smart SOAR Integration

Today’s cyber threats utilize multiple attack vectors and entry points to target your organization. In this environment, analysts need a tool stack that enables rapid enrichment and remediation across security products. With D3’s SOAR capabilities and Juniper’s firewall solution, users can automate firewall rule operations and run thousands of commands while leveraging firewall data.

Juniper Integration

Integration features

Rapidly gather alarm details, event logs, statuses, and other data
Block IP, application, sessions, etc., from within D3
Automate rule creation and deletion using D3 playbooks
Enrich data from Juniper using D3 product integrations

Key Use Case


Automated Malware Analysis and Protection

Integration of D3 with Juniper’s firewall and advanced threat protection solutions allow users to automate a number of critical IR actions, including file detonation, malware analysis, and indicator blocking. These actions can be wholly managed from D3, enabling quick resolutions with little to no analyst effort, and improved documentation.

Indicator-Based Firewall Policy Management

D3 playbooks can run predetermined tasks using Juniper’s firewall. For example, a daily playbook can check malicious indicators against existing firewall rules and update the rules when an indicator that slipped through is identified. By automating firewall policy management, analysts are freed up for strategic problem-solving, plus the overall environment is less vulnerable to attack.

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Our Connected SOAR Security Alliance brings hundreds of vendors together, allowing customers to benefit from our deep industry relationships and fully vendor-agnostic, independent SOAR platform.

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