Smart SOAR Integration

Siloed security tools create blind spots and draining processes filled with manual, repetitive tasks. The integration between D3 Smart SOAR and Google Chronicle breaks down these barriers and connects Chronicle to any other security tool in your environment. Users benefit from cross-platform orchestration, automated alert enrichment, and reduced time to remediate.

Integration features

Turn threats identified in Chronicle into automation-powered response in Smart SOAR
Automate queries of Chronicle data in Smart SOAR playbooks
Run thousands of commands from the Smart SOAR console
Map threats from Chronicle using the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Key Use Cases


Real-Time Threat Intelligence and Response

Smart SOAR users can fetch a Chronicle event, parse out the IoCs, check their reputations, enrich the event with detailed threat intelligence, and create new security rules to monitor for any newly discovered threats. This automated, real-time approach allows cybersecurity teams to stay ahead of threats by continuously updating their defenses based on real-time threat intelligence and reputation assessments.

Asset Vulnerability Assessment and Management

When a Smart SOAR users needs to assess the security posture of their digital assets and effectively manage vulnerabilities, they can query Chronicle to pull a list of all assets accessed by specific artifacts, conduct Unified Data Model search queries to analyze events related to those assets for any signs of compromise. and update alert settings to prioritize vulnerable assets. This use-case enables the organization to continuously monitor and assess the security of its assets, ensuring that vulnerabilities are identified and managed promptly.

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