Why Smart SOAR Is the Best Automation Solution for MSSPs

The market for managed security services is booming. Many analyst groups are projecting double-digit percentage growth in the sector annually. Yet many  are struggling to keep up with high alert volumes when relying heavily on manual processes to manage a growing customer base with limited resources.

As a managed security service provider (MSSP), it is important for you to adopt a reliable and powerful cyber security automation solution to ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible. Having worked with MSSPs across the globe, D3 Security has developed a world-class SOC automation tool to handle complex incident response processes. Here are some of the features that make Smart SOAR one of the top SOAR platforms for MSSPs and managed detection and response providers (MDRs).

Strong Distributed Multitenant Architecture and Role-Based Access Controls

When serving multiple customers, it’s clear that you need a security automation tool that gives you the ability to easily onboard and manage all of them from one centralized location. This is exactly what Smart SOAR provides with its multitenant architecture. It allows the MSSP to centralize operations while maintaining control and security over the data of their clients. The client data is segregated, with no data shared between tenants, to maintain the privacy of their data and work operations. At the same time, multitenancy allows you to reuse non-client-specific data such as playbooks, integrations, and custom utility commands at scale across your client base.

Smart SOAR’s Case Management features let you assign up to 10 security levels to SOC resources depending on the team’s hierarchy or clearance level. This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. You can make sure that your analysts’ access is only as broad as they need it to be. It also prevents them from getting into areas of the platform that they’re not supposed to access—they can work on what they need to work on and no more.

Deep, Fully Functional Integrations with Major EDR Solutions

What makes Smart SOAR such an excellent fit for MSSPs? We’ve built deep integrations with the most popular endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, including:

This enables MSSP SOCs to aggregate security event data from all the endpoints their customers have deployed across the enterprise. With improved endpoint visibility, MSSPs can reduce coverage gaps to offer better protection against advanced cyberattacks.

Smart SOAR can enrich endpoint events with MITRE ATT&CK kill-chain analysis, and queries on integrated SIEM, Active Directory, threat intelligence sources, and more. Having this crucial information at their fingertips helps these MSSPs conduct more thorough investigations into potential threats. Incident responders can automate the sandboxing and malware detonation process, extract artifacts to check if critical assets are involved, and determine the scope and severity of the incident. Smart SOAR playbooks can also orchestrate response actions (such as blocking hashes, URLs, and isolating endpoints) across multiple endpoints simultaneously, as well as the rest of the stack.

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Powerful Codeless Playbooks

Empower your security staff to create the integrations and workflows your business needs, without relying on the availability of highly skilled engineers or developers. Not only do you get a library of out-of-the-box playbooks, but you also get hundreds of utility commands that let you perform tasks such as data processing, enrichment, TTP and IOC searches, and response actions. Built-in playbook testing capabilities ensure that playbooks and processes are running perfectly before they are published. You can access prior versions, track changes, clone, restrict or share with other tenants, or even embed playbooks within another, larger playbook.

Smart SOAR playbooks process tasks in parallel, lowering runtime significantly. One of our customers who switched from another SOAR tool to Smart SOAR reduced playbook execution time from 15 minutes to 3 minutes by harnessing our parallel processing capabilities. Saving 12 minutes might not seem like much, but it quickly adds up. The playbook was used by the SOC team hundreds of times over the span of a year. And that’s just one playbook. SOCs use about 10 SOAR playbooks on average. We’ve documented some of the key SOAR  use cases, from phishing, ransomware, and SIEM event enrichment here.

Unlimited Technology Integrations

As an MSSP, it’s more than likely that your clients use technologies that span across multiple vendors and architectures. Without Smart SOAR’s security integrations across their technology stack, you cannot solve incidents at machine speeds nor automate and orchestrate complex workflows with codeless playbooks.

As an independent SOAR vendor, we have a dedicated development team that ensures our unlimited technology partner integrations are effective and up to date. This means that you don’t have to go through the painful process of building custom integrations for each new system you need to work with. MSSPs can be confident that they can drive alerts from any data sources a client may have, and easily orchestrate actions across multi-vendor architectures.

MDR Toolkit with the D3 Event Pipeline

The MDR toolkit is a collection of features in Smart SOAR—the Event Pipeline, big data processing, and incident response—that helps MSSPs offer higher-value MDR services. With the Event Pipeline at its core, users of the MDR toolkit ingest telemetry from any source, automate enrichment and triage, dismiss false positives, and convict real threats for assignment to incident responders. SOC teams can leverage Smart SOAR’s cross-platform correlation, TTP search, and link analysis to determine the full scope of an attack.  Remediation playbooks can be triggered with a single click, ensuring SOC resources work smarter, not harder.

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Operationalize the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Correlate, search and establish surveillance for risky tactics and techniques. With our MITRE ATT&CK Monitor, you can get visibility of events within the context of a kill chain. Map the TTPs of events using the Monitor Dashboard to identify threats against your environment as well as gaps in security controls. MSSPs can also use Smart SOAR to monetize the ATT&CK matrix, e.g. through selling high-value services based on TTP mapping, TTP surveillance for early warning, and reports that focus on real or anticipated adversaries and adversarial behavior.

Make Your COO and CFO Happy

Our newly improved SOC operations dashboard reports the monetary and time savings derived from security automation. The dashboard can be configured to present metrics on how long it takes for analysts to go through their review tasks (mean event response time, mean incident solve time), and how long it takes for the automation to run. The reporting and metrics dashboard can be customized to report on utilization, MTTRs, SLAs, and more. As an MSSP, you can break these down on a per-tenant basis, so that each client can get their own dashboard.

Replace Your Customers Existing (And Frustrating) SOAR Tools With Ease

Our SOAR replacement program brings to bear all our experience replacing various first-gen SOAR tools with our own Smart SOAR, in a neat little package designed to port over anything your client values in their current SOAR, including playbooks, reports, and historical incident/case data. We also offer this program as a white-labeled service for our sales channel partners.

That’s Not All Folks!

Smart SOAR’s capabilities go above and beyond other security orchestration tools. We haven’t even mentioned our Case Management features, which enable you to conduct a full end-to-end investigation. If you’re short on dev resources, we also offer a SOAR implementation service. Join in for a one-on-one demo to learn how you can boost SOC productivity and improve your analyst-to-customer ratio.

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