Experience the Future of SecOps with D3’s Smart SOAR at RSAC 2023

In a world where many SOC teams deal with 10,000+ alerts a day, a whack-a-mole approach to incident response just won’t do. With nation-state-backed threat actors and a growing attack surface posing new challenges, understaffed SOC teams are struggling to keep up. And while basic SOAR solutions can help with alert enrichment and remediation actions, they fall short when it comes to reducing alert volume and creating high-fidelity incidents. It’s time for a smarter approach to SecOps–one that utilizes advanced technologies like D3’s Smart SOAR to stay ahead of threats.

Join D3 Security at the RSA Conference 2023 to get a hands-on tour of how our Smart SOAR platform can handle the toughest SecOps challenges by:

  • Tracking identity information, like user accounts and devices, to build links and patterns across events.
  • Retaining memory of IOCs, IOBs, and identity data to prove incident scopes and quickly identify high-risk patterns.
  • Auto-triaging thousands of alerts every hour with an Event Pipeline that automatically normalizes, deduplicates, enriches, and dismisses alerts.
  • Correlating and orchestrating across the stack, targeting gaps in coverage of detection tools to reduce manual work and risk, for a complete picture of an incident.

As a leader in vendor-agnostic SOAR, we’re revolutionizing the way businesses approach SecOps. And with this year’s RSA Conference theme being “Stronger Together,” there’s no better time to see how D3’s Smart SOAR integrates with the cybersecurity and tech vendor ecosystem to create a more streamlined and stress-free SOC.

Getting There: Dates, Location, Registration, Fees

The RSA Conference 2023 is scheduled from April 24-27, 2023, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. The expo has four types of passes: Full Conference, Expo Plus, Expo, and On Demand. You can get a free Expo pass to RSAC, courtesy D3 Security by signing up here. We have a limited supply of Expo passes and will be giving them away on a first come first serve basis.

Exclusive Preview: Streamline Customer Interactions With Our New MSSP Client Portal

We’ll be taking the wraps off our brand-new MSSP Client Portal, which helps MSPs and MSSPs streamline customer interactions and manage relationships with ease. There’s a lot of excitement for this feature among our customers, as developing a similar capability in-house would easily cost them upwards of six figures.

The portal presents relevant and actionable information on the client’s security environment, keeping them informed on active incidents and configuration changes. Clients can review and take action on incidents pushed to the portal by MSSP SecOps teams. Key investigation details such as artifacts and metadata are included. Clients can modify incidents, approve pending tasks, and trigger the next step in the playbook.

Keynotes and Sessions Worth Watching

RSAC will support two keynote stages, with the West Stage featuring sponsor keynotes, panels and guest speakers, and the South Stage presenting sessions from industry experts. In addition to acclaimed authors, journalists, and researchers, we’re excited to see so many of our integration partners featured in this list. Here are some notable keynotes that you should consider adding to your schedule.

Join us for SOC Tales and Cocktails at The Cordial Bar - In Partnership with Microsoft Security, and Sponsored by Elastic and Wallarm

Join us for SOC Tales and Cocktails at The Cordial Bar 💬🍸

If cybersecurity, cocktails, and conversations are your thing, register for our private party at the Cordial Bar on the 25th. We’ll have some special security-themed cocktails and delicious food lined up. It’s a great opportunity to meet and discuss your SecOps challenges with D3’s engineering and leadership team in person. You’ll also get to chat with our partners and event co-sponsors Microsoft Security, Elastic, and Wallarm. We have limited seating, so don’t forget to sign up and tell your friends.

🗓️ April 25, 2023
📍 The Cordial Bar
⌚️ 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm

⚡️Lightning Talk: Enhancing Your Elastic SIEM with D3 Smart SOAR

If you’re a security leader, you probably know the dilemma of choosing between a single security suite or multiple best-in-class tools. The latter option gives you more flexibility and functionality, but has a downside: your tools may not work well together. That’s why Gartner suggests using a cybersecurity mesh architecture, to integrate your security tools into an ecosystem that communicates and cooperates seamlessly.

In this talk, D3’s Pierre Noujeim will show you how to connect your Elastic SIEM and D3 SOAR in a mesh network. Learn how to leverage the data from your EDR to prioritize SIEM alerts using this approach, and cut incident costs by up to 90%.

📅 Apr 25, 2023
📍Booth #5879
⌚️1.30 PM

Catch Smart SOAR in Action at Booth #6261 in the North Hall

D3 Security’s SOAR implementation engineers will always be present at our booth to discuss your SecOps challenges. We would love to hear about the thorniest issues you are facing in your SOC and throw a quick demo or use case on how Smart SOAR can address them. Check out our resources section where we have some new whitepapers on Smart SOAR’s capabilities.

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