Attract and Retain Customers with the Ultimate MSSP Client Portal

We’re excited to announce that D3’s Smart SOAR will soon ship with a built-in client portal that provides managed security service providers (MSSPs) with an easier way to manage their relationships with clients. The client portal will be released in July 2023. 

This new feature is a win-win for both MSSPs and their customers. The portal will present the most relevant and actionable information on the client’s security environment, helping them stay informed on active incidents and configuration changes that require their review. Meanwhile, the SOC team can focus on alert management and investigations rather than communications and following up.

How It Works

With our new client portal, an MSSP’s customers will be able to easily review and take action on incidents. MSSP SecOps teams will push incidents to the portal including key investigation details such as artifacts and metadata. Clients will then be able to modify the incident, such as writing comments and updating the status, which will be reflected in the original incident on the MSSP’s D3 interface, keeping everything organized and synced. Clients can even approve a pending task, which will trigger the next step in the playbook, thereby reducing dwell times. 

Why it Matters

Having worked with many leading managed service providers, we know that they struggle to communicate effectively with their clients and expend a lot of resources reminding them to review and take action on incidents. It’s a needless cognitive burden that your analysts can do without, especially when dealing with numerous clients. The client portal is designed to reduce this point of friction by providing a centralized place where your clients can easily access all incidents they need to review and know about. 

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By providing visibility on the SOC’s day-to-day operations to the client’s management, it reduces the cost of interactions, the need for consultations and meeting hours, and the need for email follow-ups. Your security team can instead focus on providing the best possible services to your clients, instead of spending time on administrative work and waiting for approvals. 

Smart SOAR: Empowering, Efficient, & Effective 

Our client portal is a game-changer for MSSPs who struggle with fragmented internal processes to follow up with clients and keep track of incident communication. We envision that the client portal will bring transparency to your managed security services, and significantly improve the quality of client interaction and communication without needing an increase in headcount. By centralizing incidents, showing clients the information they need to know, triggering actions back in D3 based on client responses, and providing an activity log for compliance, our client portal will simplify incident remediation, and improve SLA compliance. For MSSPs, the client portal will likely increase customer retention and loyalty, and provide a significant competitive advantage in terms of responsiveness, value, and overall quality of service. Book a one-on-one demo with us for a sneak peek at the upcoming client portal. 

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Shriram Sharma

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