D3’s Upcoming Release is a Launchpad for SOAR Integrations

Integrations are critical to the effectiveness of any SOAR platform, so delays or obstacles to the configuring, testing, and executing of commands between tools can compromise a SOAR implementation before it can get fully up and running.

This is an area in which many SOAR platforms struggle. Setting up integrations can require a lot of custom coding, as well as jumping between playbooks and configuration screens, without enough visibility into the functioning of the integrations.

The upcoming release of D3 NextGen SOAR represents a major step forward for fast, easy, and reliable configuration of integrations, with several new and improved features. These new features are like a launchpad for integrations, bringing clients quickly toward their goal of a fully integrated SOC.


Unified Configurations

We’ve improved our configuration process to get clients set up faster than ever. You can now set up integrations, commands, and more, all from a configuration panel in the playbook editor. Instead of jumping between your playbooks and a configuration module, you can do it all as you go. You can even input credentials through the configuration panel to set up new commands.

This stands in contrast to the conventional way to configure integrations, where you would set them up outside of runtime. Doing everything from a holistic playbook screen is easier and faster because you know exactly what you need, instead of guessing at what you might need later.


Universal REST Agent

Our Universal REST Agent allows users to easily construct and modify integrations without coding via the widely used REST API. It works with any tool that uses the REST API, which covers the majority of security tools. The REST Agent also makes it much easier to troubleshoot integrations by giving users full visibility into the API info.


Playbook Debugger

Playbooks can now be tested directly within the playbook editor, with instant feedback given to the user. This means you can quickly ensure that integrations are functioning properly, without switching screens. This makes configuring and modifying integrations much faster and safer, because you can identify issues with integrations before the playbook is published.


Other New SOAR Features

These features are just a small subset of the new and improved capabilities to look forward to in our new release. Other improvements include:

  • Faster and easier deployment
  • An incident debugging log that reveals any errors during data ingestion
  • Better search performance
  • Enhanced utility commands
  • Support for MITRE ATT&CK sub-techniques

We’ll be covering these features in more upcoming content, so stay tuned. If you want to be among the first to see the latest version of D3 NextGen SOAR, schedule a demo today.

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Walker Banerd

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