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Drive alerting from any cloud, on premises or external source with reliable vendor-agnostic integrations and an event pipeline that automates triage and false positive dismissal.
Ochestration with D3 Soar
Accelerate effective threat investigation by consolidating related security events and correlating IOCs, TTPs and historic data. Give analysts a full picture of a threat to take action on.
Quick Response
Trigger incident response playbooks that can handle all aspects of enrichment and response, as well as provide a flexible foundation for day-to-day SOC processes.

What Is NextGen SOAR?

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One SOAR Platform to Stop Alert Overload

Our Event Pipeline has completely changed the game for cyber security teams. It ingests, normalizes, deduplicates, and triages alerts before SOC analysts see them, safely dismissing up to 90% of alerts. Only genuine threats get escalated to your analysts.

D3-Event-Pipeline-has-changed-the-game-for-busy-SOC-teams-&-MSSPs D3’s SOAR platform, with its Event Pipeline is a gamechanger for busy SOC teams, MSSPs, and MDRs. MITRE ATT&CK MonitorPlaybookTrend ReportingTTP Search Integrations

No-Code Automation for Busy SOC Teams

D3’s no-code capabilities get SOC processes done—with no software engineers or Python coders needed. Easily build, test, and edit playbooks for enrichment, response, phishing, and ransomware. D3 customers create queries, rules, playbooks, automations, and data manipulations, all from one intuitive interface.

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SOC Processes that are Independent of Underlying Technologies

With D3’s drag-and-drop SOAR playbooks and unlimited vendor-agnostic integrations, you’re never locked in. Need to replace a tool but don’t want to break your workflows? It’s as simple as dragging in the new tool from our integration library.

No-code-automation-for-busy-soc-teams-and-automated- soc-processes D3 SOAR Playbooks are especially useful for enrichment, response, phishing, ransomware and vulnerability management. PlaybookIntegrations

Built-in MITRE ATT&CK to Stop Agile Adversaries

D3 SOAR with MITRE ATT&CK lets you apply up-to-date knowledge of adversary behaviors to improve security controls, investigations, and decision-making. Track tactics and techniques used against your environment and trigger IOC/TTP surveillance to uncover stealthy attacks.

D3-SOAR-MITRE-ATT&CK-matrix-lets-you-improve-cyber-security-controls The D3 SOAR plaform with MITRE ATT&CK enables you to improve security operations, and conduct cybercrime investigations with threat hunting capabilities. . MITRE ATT&CK Monitor


Global industry leaders and large enterprises across every vertical have thoroughly tested and selected us for their security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution. NextGen SOAR combines comprehensive automation capabilities and scalability in an easy to use platform.


Gain a competitive advantage in the difficult security services market. Our NextGen SOAR platform is designed to help you eliminate repetition waste and improve customer-to-analyst ratios, while also enabling your own Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering.

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Our Connected SOAR Security Alliance brings hundreds of vendors together, allowing customers to benefit from our deep industry relationships and fully vendor-agnostic, independent SOAR platform.

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