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The D3 Platform combines security technologies, threat intelligence and dynamic workflows so you can supercharge your SOC and achieve rapid incident response. D3 solves SOC and IR challenges by automating tasks, orchestrating human and machine processes, and documenting every incident and action taken.


Respond FASTER

D3 is a force multiplier for your SOC—automating tasks, enriching incidents and eliminating silos—allowing your team to focus on its critical activities.



Reduce dwell and remediation times with dynamic playbooks that enhance triage, investigation and collaboration, always in step with the right procedures.


Investigate DEEPER

Combine SOAR and case management to enable full-lifecycle analytics that paint a complete view of your security operation and compliance.

Automation & Orchestration

D3 ingests events from any leading SIEM or security technology and enriches incidents on the fly using threat intelligence. When an analyst opens a D3 incident record, it’s contextualized, prioritized, and dynamically queued.

Incident Response Playbooks

D3 orchestrates human and machine processes in concert with your incident response playbooks. A truly end-to-end workflow solution, D3 ensures consistent, compliant and audit-ready processes that strengthen your security operation.

Enterprise Incident Management

Cyber threats are growing more complex, and many incidents trigger investigative, regulatory and data protection obligations. D3 is the only incident response orchestration platform with a robust case management tool for compliance and forensics.

Industry-Tailored Security Orchestration And Response Solutions

Our platform features turnkey industry configurations, built-in compliance procedures and a flexible business process engine so that you can meet your industry’s unique requirements—today, tomorrow, and always.


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“D3 Security’s Incident Management Platform is at the forefront of our technology and risk management. We’ll see spikes in certain D3 Incident Types and we know we can address them through our remediation processes.”

Jeff Francis

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

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