KuppingerCole Names D3 an Overall Leader in SOAR Report

The European analysts KuppingerCole have released their Leadership Compass for Security Orchestration Automation and Response, a comprehensive look at the SOAR marketplace and vendor capabilities. Their extensive analysis of 12 SOAR vendors ranks the leaders in key areas, based on deep evaluation criteria that includes features like telemetry collection, correlation, and incident response; as well as product and service criteria like partner ecosystem, number of developers, and over functionality and usability.

They also evaluated innovative features such as functionality across multi-cloud environments; workflows and playbooks that address communications and PR aspects of major security incidents; and large numbers of built-in connectors to facilitate deployment alongside a variety of other security tools.

We’re pleased to say that KuppingerCole gave D3 NextGen SOAR excellent marks throughout the report. We’ll summarize some of the major findings in this article, but we recommend you read the entire report. You can download your copy of KuppingerCole’s SOAR report here.


D3 is an Overall SOAR Leader

KuppingerCole ranked D3 as an Overall Leader in the report. The Overall Leader rating is a combination of the ratings for Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership, and Market Leadership. We’ll look at each of those more closely in later sections.

Notably D3 was the only independent SOAR vendor in the top-ranked group. This is thanks to D3’s top marks in Security, Functionality, Deployment Capability, Interoperability/Ecosystem, and Usability/Agility. (More on that in the next section.)

Only D3 provides the extensive capabilities and feature set of the SOAR products made by big security companies with the laser-focused customer service and vendor-agnostic platform of a truly independent vendor


Product Leadership

D3 is specifically noted as the top standalone SOAR product. This is because D3 NextGen SOAR uniquely brings everything together: 300+ integrations, incident and case management, usability, MITRE ATT&CK correlation, customer success, and more.

As mentioned in the previous section, D3 received the highest rating in all product categories.

In D3’s vendor profile, the report highlighted D3’s security controls, playbook agility, cross-department workflows, and MITRE ATT&CK and custom TTP mapping as particular strengths.


Innovation Leadership

KuppingerCole says the most innovative companies “take a customer-oriented upgrade approach, delivering customer-requested and other cutting-edge features, while maintaining compatibility with previous versions.” D3 was ranked highly among the Innovation Leaders.

D3’s focus on SOAR keeps us agile and allows us to continuously innovate to help our clients—often working directly with those clients to perfectly meet their needs. From big leaps forward like attacker TTP correlation and low-code playbooks, to subtly impactful improvements like offering playbook debugging directly in the playbook editor, D3 has brought many innovations to SOAR. No independent SOAR vendor has a stronger track record of delivering innovative solutions and customer value into the marketplace.


Market Leadership

The final category in the report is Market Leadership, which KC defines as requiring global reach, and comprising “the number of customers, number of transactions evaluated, ratio between customers and managed identities/devices, the geographic distribution of customers, the size of deployments and services, the size and geographic distribution of the partner ecosystem, and financial health of the participating companies.” D3 was once again the top-ranked independent SOAR vendor in this category.


Download the Report

We recommend you read the entire Leadership Compass for SOAR here. If you’ve been waiting for a “magic quadrant” style evaluation of the SOAR market, this report is exactly what you need. It’s a great way to see most of the key SOAR players compared head-to-head in a format.

If you want to learn more about analyst reports on the SOAR industry, check out our recent piece, How D3 Measures Up to Gartner’s SOAR Requirements.

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