How D3 Measures Up to Gartner’s SOAR Requirements

How D3 Measures Up to Gartner’s SOAR Requirements

One Platform to Improve Security Operations Efficiency, Quality, and Efficacy with SOAR Tools

Gartner’s November 2017 research report is perhaps the definitive description of the SOAR market to date. D3 matches up perfectly to Gartner’s functions and requirements for SOAR platforms, with strong capabilities in orchestration; automation; incident management and collaboration; and dashboards and reporting.

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  • How Gartner defines the requirements that buyers should have for SOAR tools
  • The D3 features that line up with Gartner’s recommendations
  • The four goals that Gartner says SOAR can help security teams achieve
  • How D3 uses threat intelligence integrations to inform automated incident response actions