D3 Security Provides Industry-Tailored Solutions that Enable and Streamline Compliant Procedures, Industry Best Practices, and Regulatory Reporting

Organizations rely on D3 to coordinate with and report to industry regulators, enhance intelligence sharing with corporate and government entities, and ease the creation of playbooks, processes and reports for new threats or requirements in their industries.

D3’s focus on industry needs, combined with unparalleled configurability, provides customers with a platform that can be turned to the current and future needs of their industry, supported by a customer success team that can harness the power of its experience in domain-specific training and guidance.

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Financial Services

A Serious SOAR Platform for a Seriously Regulated Industry


A SOAR Platform for a Unique Confluence of Risk


Enhance Incident Response and Security Orchestration Across Divisions and Regions

High Tech

Security Orchestration that Keeps Up with Silicon Valley

Energy & Utilities

Compliant and Secure Incident Response and Reporting

Media & Entertainment

Analyze, Collaborate, Respond and Report with a Proven Incident Response Platform

Public Sector

Next Generation Incident Response for Forward-Thinking Government Entities

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D3’s flexibility is limitless, so even the most unique companies can get a tailor-made D3 Security Management system.

“ We chose D3 because it’s a superior product…but what really sets the Case Management System apart from the rest is the ability to customize the whole application to fit our security operation’s needs. ”

Senior Information Security Executive, Fortune 500 Utility Company

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