Transforming security operations and data breach response.

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Security threats in healthcare come from many sources—including data breaches, ransomware, insider threats, and trespassers.

The D3 Platform helps you to establish the right procedures and coordinate response to the full spectrum of threats across your cybersecurity, physical security, fraud, and data privacy responsibilities. Analytics and trend reports help identify risks before they cause a major incident or breach.

Resiliency and Incident Response Planning

Prevention, detection, and response are the keys to your healthcare organization’s resiliency. D3 helps you visualize, codify, and deploy all phases of your security incident and breach response plans.


SOAR Across the Budget and Skills Gaps

When a threat is detected, an organization must coordinate the people, systems, data, and rules involved—but a lack of resources make this difficult. With D3, investigations can be automated, drastically shortening the incident response time and freeing analysts from inane tasks.

Collaboration and Case Management

Collaborating while managing 10 security tools and a web of regulations can be vexing—but it doesn’t have to be. D3 has 200+ integrations, prebuilt compliance forms, and a workflow engine that has helped simplify security at the two largest healthcare systems in the US.


Why D3 for Healthcare?

Ransomware Plan

Use our incident response, threat hunting, and patching plans or create your own.

Breach Response

Stop data breaches and manage post-incident investigation and notifications using D3.

App Library

Fully or partially automate triage and incident response using our 200+ apps.

Decision Support

Support analysts and investigators with easy search, correlation and analytics tools.

Risk Analysis

Track banned persons and proactively alert facilities due to heightened risk levels.

Facility Security

D3 supports integration with video management, access control and other corporate security tools.

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Deep-Dive SOAR Demo

Do you want to see D3 in action? Join us for a 25-minute deep-dive demo and see how our award-winning Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform helps security teams accelerate incident response, scale processes, and learn from every incident.