The Top 10 Reasons Organizations are Choosing D3 SOAR Over its Competitors

The D3 customer base has been growing rapidly, especially in the past couple of years. Major new clients are signing on, existing clients are expanding their services, and our partners around the world are having great success connecting D3 with their clients. It’s been an exciting time. While the SOAR market has been growing overall, we think there are a number of reasons that explain why so many organizations continue to select D3 over other SOAR vendors.


1. Codeless Playbooks

With most SOAR platforms, building, editing, and maintaining playbooks require users to have advanced Python coding skills (and a lot of extra time on their hands). Not with D3. Our low-code/no-code integrations and playbooks make managing automated sequences simple and intuitive. Even adding new integrations doesn’t require any coding by users. Clients love this feature because it allows SOAR to become quickly adopted among users and eliminates the hidden costs associated with building and maintaining playbooks.


2. MITRE ATT&CK Correlation and Dashboards

Security alerts don’t happen in isolation. They often represent links in the kill chain of a larger incident. Without the right context, it can be hard to see these connections. D3 is the first SOAR vendor to fully integrate the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix for Enterprise, the world’s largest knowledgebase of cyber adversary tactics and techniques. D3 correlates alerts against ATT&CK techniques, which helps understand the adversary’s intent, the other alerts that might be related, and what is likely to happen next.

ATT&CK techniques (or any other TTP framework) can be displayed in a dashboard for SOC analysts and managers to get an at-a-glance snapshot of the occurrence of every technique in their environment. These features help our clients understand the threats they’re facing and stay a step ahead of sophisticated adversaries.


3. Open Platform

Because SOAR platforms’ effectiveness relies on their ability to integrate across the security stack, they need to be able to work well with any tool a client might have. Unfortunately, many SOAR vendors have been acquired by larger technology companies, creating conflicts and incentives that run against the best interests of their clients. As the largest independent SOAR vendor, D3 is able to maintain a completely open platform, with no issues working alongside any other vendors.


4. Converged Security

Cybersecurity incidents often have implications throughout the organization, yet most SOAR platforms don’t support workflows that go beyond the SOC. D3 is the only SOAR platform that covers the entire span of cybersecurity, physical security, and operational technology security. This might include, for example, retrieving data from an access control system during an investigation to confirm a person’s whereabouts when a malicious USB drive was connected. This enables our clients to manage complex cases holistically from a single platform.


5. Growing List of Integrations

D3 SOAR integrates with more than 300 tools and the list is always growing. These comprehensive integrations with SIEMs, firewalls, email protection systems, and other tools allow D3 to act as the true centerpiece of the SOC, orchestrating across the entire infrastructure.


6. Full-Lifecycle Incident Management

Responding to a major security incident often requires collaboration with numerous teams, including human resources, public relations, senior leadership, compliance, and legal. D3 is able to support this full lifecycle through deep case management, collaboration, and reporting features that can be shared across teams. Importantly, information and functionality are protected by granular access controls, ensuring that no one has inappropriate or unnecessary access to sensitive material.


7. Simple, Predictable Pricing

No security executive has ever complained about being given too much budget to work with. Because security teams have to be budget-conscious, they love D3’s predictable, affordable pricing. We simply charge per user seat, with no hidden fees and no costs based on data volume or number of automated actions.


8. Digital Forensics Case Management

D3 is the only SOAR platform with enterprise-grade digital forensics capabilities. The system’s workflows are fully configurable, from intake forms, to evidence tracking and reporting. Complex investigations can be conducted end-to-end in D3, with integrations to forensic data tools like EnCase. The system documents custodians and chain-of-custody for digital and physical evidence to ensure secure and compliant investigations.


9. Cloud Security and Performance Management Integrations

With more and more data and systems moving to the cloud, organizations need tools that can keep everything secure, no matter where it’s hosted. D3’s integrations with Datadog, AWS, numerous Microsoft Azure products, and more make it perfectly suited for responding to threats against cloud, on-premise, or hybrid threats. Our clients love the flexibility this affords them, because they know D3 will always be able to integrate with their environment, no matter how their cloud strategy changes in the coming years.


10. Industry Recognition

D3 counts many of the world’s most sophisticated organizations among its client base, including more than 100 of the Fortune 500. We have also been recognized in industry reports by Gartner and Frost & Sullivan—who gave us their 2020 Global SOAR Customer Value Leadership Award. D3 SOAR has also won awards from SINET, Cyber Defense Magazine, ISPG, and many more.


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