D3 Offers COVID-19 Pandemic Response Tool

D3 can help.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge that is evolving rapidly for our customers, and for every organization worldwide. We know that you are facing the disruption and uncertainty head-on. That’s why at D3, we have marshaled our resources and created a solution to help you intake COVID-19 reports and service requests, assign responding resources, and report on pandemic operations.

For a quick walkthrough of the tool, click on the video above.

D3’s COVID-19 Response Tool, which can be activated free of charge, comprises a web portal accessible from any device, an incident response/task management workflow engine, and dashboard reporting for decision-makers. The tool uses dynamic forms based on CDC guidelines. We hope this will be a valuable asset for organizations in this challenging time, especially those that must continue to operate in order to provide essential services.

We know that our tool won’t solve the crisis. But, we know it can improve the speed and quality of your pandemic operations, by enabling you to:

  • Intake, triage, and respond to COVID-19 related incidents.
  • Track reported cases, affected employees, and their locations.
  • Use a secure portal to report suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. Employees can use the portal anonymously. Employees can use the portal to report concerns about both internal or external personnel in their workplace.
  • Submit requests, such as for disinfection service to a location, quarantining the belongings of an affected person, transportation arrangements or any other help that is needed.
  • Visualize open incidents and service requests using a detailed analytics dashboard.
  • Generate reports based on case data to share with stakeholders, collaborators, partners, and government bodies as necessary.

For more details about the tool, download our COVID-19 Response Tool datasheet, or watch the video at the top of the page.

We wish everyone well during this crisis. We hope that our app can help organizations do their part to manage the spread of the coronavirus and keep their employees safe and healthy. If you are interested in learning more about D3’s COVID-19 Response Tool, please contact us directly at [email protected].

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Alex MacLachlan

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