Physical Security

Manage your entire physical security operation in one place

A Physical Security Management Platform Powered by Data-Driven Decision-Making

D3 Security’s physical security management platform centralizes the management of incidents, dispatching, and security officer deployment, and generates the holistic intelligence needed to achieve continual risk mitigation and operational security compliance. Powerful capabilities such as geospatial situational awareness, built-in standard operating procedures and access control and video management system integration enable a common operating picture and the ability to proactively address trends, patterns and preventable threats.

Manage events from any source

Immediately identify and respond

Event alarms are pushed directly into D3 Security through its ConnectorHub and built-in standard operating procedures (SOPs) can even automate the security response.


Security data from the field

Officers using D3 Security’s mobile app can create high quality incident reports from the field complete with photos, video, GPS location, witness statements and more.


Access control system integration

An event alarm can trigger the immediate creation of an incident report in D3 Security. Nearby surveillance media can be automatically attached.


Gather data, and act

Integration with hotline and other third party systems ensure D3 Security users can connect the dots and apply timely, and consistent, remediation solutions.


How You Benefit From Our Software

security incident management software

Incident reporting and management

D3’s incident management software can process events from any source including handheld device, web portal and access control systems. Customizable forms capture detailed incident information, enabling actionable analytics, workflows and other features designed to enhance collaboration and analysis reporting.


D3’s dispatching solution provides real-time information flow and the ability to customize screens and processes. Facility maps, GPS tracking, SOPs and timers are built in, ensuring seamless and safe security operations. Managers can easily generate summary, trend and daily activity reports, along with heat maps and KPIs.

guard tour
computer aided dispatch

Mobile guard tour

D3’s guard tour system optimizes coverage and captures all of the data from security operations. Managers deploy assets, assign routes, and track performance while officers use D3 smart devices to scan checkpoints, receive dispatches and create high quality IRs. All data is made available to decision-makers in managerial reports, route tracking and analytics.

Situational awareness and security mapping

The GIA Situational Awareness module enables a converged geospatial view of security operations, access control and surveillance, and intelligence such as crime and weather tracking. Operators can manage security operations and facilities around the globe, and leverage layers of tailored intelligence feeds to enhance and streamline incident management, disaster planning/response and situational awareness operations.

guard tour

Security incident management with geospatial intelligence

Powerful Features for Managers and Executives

  • Centralized case data enables easy information sharing
  • Restrict access to information using extensive role privileges
  • Manage dates and milestones; generate exception alerts
  • Schedule automatic updates and transparency reports
  • Track and report expenses, labor and tool usage
  • Analyze and compare caseloads and team member performance
  • Ensure compliance with procedures and regulations
  • Make sure resources are deployed with maximum efficiency