What You'll Learn

Security, in its broadest context, should be an active part of the business, not just an IT function. That’s why a next-generation threat management architecture, as a combination of traditional SIEM, Threat Intelligence, Automation, and Incident/Case Management, is so important; it serves both as a dynamic response hub, and as a central repository for companies to manage their cybersecurity, risk and compliance obligations.

This white paper will address where security and compliance converge and explain the six steps to an effective risk management program. The paper will also explain why the D3 Incident Management Platform is at the core of the next-generation threat management architecture. Download This Whitepaper to Learn:

  • The six steps that bring security, risk and compliance together in the era of advanced cyber threats.
  • Next-generation threat management architecture: SIEM, threat intelligence, automation, and incident management.
  • How a leading international bank implemented a next-generation threat management solution.

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