Micro Focus + D3 SOAR

Micro Focus + D3 SOAR

Combine Powerful Correlation with Seamless Orchestration

D3 acts as a unified dashboard for analysis and investigation of ArcSight ESM events, enriching correlated events with contextual data, threat
intelligence, and historical incident data. From D3, ArcSight ESM users not only benefit from automation and orchestration-powered response workflows, but also robust investigative case management and reporting toolsets.


Download this Solution Guide to Learn:

  • How D3 and ArcSight ESM work together for event escalation and enrichment
  • Why D3’s contextual link analysis improves investigations of ArcSight ESM events
  • The benefits of integrating ArcSight ESM with D3 SOAR, including enhanced journaling and case management
  • How D3’s integrations support orchestration across ArcSight ESM and other security tools
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