Save Time with VirusTotal & DomainTools

Save Time with VirusTotal & DomainTools

Like many enterprise SOCs, we’ve learned how valuable VirusTotal and DomainTools are as sources of high-quality contextual information.

But with cyberattacks and the skills gap getting worse, SOCs can no longer afford to have analysts manually coordinate this data. In fact, one customer told us that he personally copy-and-pasted hashes hundreds of times per day—and so did the rest of his teammates.

Fortunately, with D3’s automation features, rapidly gathering and correlating from VirusTotal and DomainTools is now a reality.

Analysts can:

  • Open a new incident record pre-populated with hashes and data
  • Configure the automation to bring over any field-data they need
  • Search across VirusTotal and DomainTools data from a single user interface
  • Automate prioritization and assignments based on reputation/intelligence
  • Instantly see historical alerts, incidents and IOCs with links and relationships
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