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Leverage the Power of MITRE ATT&CK and Advanced Orchestration in Your Threat Hunting
Signature-based detection and prevention methods make up the bulk of most organizations’ cybersecurity program, but today’s most sophisticated adversaries are skillful at circumventing these methods. This is why adversaries are often able to navigate their target’s network for weeks before being detected. Threat hunting—the process of finding malicious actors that have penetrated a network—is an important pillar of cybersecurity operations, and D3 SOAR is a valuable tool for effective threat hunting throughout each phase of the process. Download this Datasheet to Learn:

  • Which key D3 integrations enable advanced threat hunting
  • How D3’s MITRE ATT&CK correlations lead to strong threat hunting hypotheses
  • How D3 orchestrates threat investigations across security tools
  • How D3 resolves threats with automation-powered playbooks

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