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Create a Centralized Hub for Your Security Tools

D3’s Cisco integrations allow you to streamline SecOps and IR workflows, reduce manual coordination, and fully leverage existing tool investments. By using D3 to centralize, enrich, and correlate Cisco threat intelligence and contextual data, you make that data more actionable for your SOC. With D3’s App for Cisco, you can automate SOC tasks that execute across Firepower Management Center, Threat Grid, and the rest of your security tools. Download this Solution Guide to Learn:

  • How D3 and Cisco Umbrella combine for automation-powered incident response
  • How D3 and Cisco Threat Grid analyze potential phishing incidents
  • How D3’s automation-powered playbooks enable faster actions in Cisco Firepower Management Center
  • How D3’s integration library supports orchestration across Cisco tools and the rest of your security infrastructure

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