Next-Generation Threat Management: White Paper and Webinar

We recently produced two significant pieces of thought leadership in collaboration with the Chertoff Group, which are both now available. The pieces—a white paper and a webinar—focus on the future of the incident response industry, looking at how vendors can evolve their solutions to support the changing needs and goals of organizations. In broad terms, our thesis is that the convergence of security, risk, and compliance is critical for companies to solidify their threat management operations. In both pieces, we explore how software solutions can support this next-generation threat management architecture.

White Paper

In the white paper, we outline the six steps that companies can take to bring together security, risk, and compliance. We also examine the technological infrastructure that this shift requires, and how it differs from traditional incident response solutions. The paper concludes with a case study of how a leading international bank implemented this type of next-generation solution.


In the webinar, we brought in a panel of experts to explore the ideas from the white paper. The speakers bring a wealth of firsthand experience leading security efforts in the private and public sectors, making the webinar a valuable resource on its own, or as a complement to the white paper.

The speakers are:

  • Jason Cook, Managing Director, The Chertoff Group. Former CISO of British Telecom (BT). Former Chief Architect & CTO of BT Americas.
  • Rear Admiral Robert Day (RET.), Senior Advisor, The Chertoff Group. Established, and served as first Commander of, the United States Coast Guard Cyber Command.
  • Stan Engelbrecht, CISSP, Director of Cybersecurity Practice, D3 Security. Incident response advisor to Fortune 500 companies. President of SecSIG (Security Special Interest Group).

We hope that you’ll check out both of these pieces, and consider the steps you can take to implement next-generation threat management in your own organization.

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