Buy NextGen SOAR Through Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC)

As many of you may know, NextGen SOAR is available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. As 2022 comes to an end, here’s a timely reminder that you can use any remaining balance from your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment program to purchase NextGen SOAR on the Azure Marketplace.

What is the MACC?

The Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) is a contractual commitment that your company may have made to spend money on Microsoft Azure over a certain period. Many organizations take advantage of such committed spend options from cloud vendors to maximize their budget and access discounts and deals. Often, these contracts are drawn up to expire at the end of the calendar year. Any of your pending MACC funds can be used to buy NextGen SOAR, helping you bring the most advanced independent SOAR platform to your SOC.

How to Track Your Remaining MACC Commitment

You can check the details of your remaining commitment by signing into the Azure Portal and searching for Cost Management + Billing. Refer to this resource from Microsoft to check if you are eligible and learn how to track your MACC commitment, including start and end dates, remaining commitment, and eligible spend.

Use your MACC and gain all the capabilities of NextGen SOAR including:

  •       Automated Triage with D3 Event Pipeline
  •       No-code Playbook Editor
  •       500+ SOAR Integrations
  •       MITRE ATT&CK Monitor
  •       End-to-End Case Management
  •       SOC Metrics & Reporting
  •       Threat Hunting Capabilities

We’d love to discuss the security issues faced by your SOC team. Schedule a one-on-one demo to learn more about the next-generation capabilities of NextGen SOAR. We’ll show you how to work faster and smarter so you can get more done.

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Shriram Sharma

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