D3 Security’s Lenel Integration

D3 Security is proud to announce the integration of the D3 ONE Enterprise Security Platform with Lenel’s OnGuard access control system and D3 Security’s inclusion in the OpenAccess Alliance Partnership. The integration represents a significant opportunity for Lenel and D3 Security customers to simultaneously increase automation and oversight; determine the root cause of access control events and apply corrective action with intuitive tools like the D3 ONE security management suite and its Google Maps, Android and iPhone applications.

More specifically, the integration means that an event in OnGuard triggers the passing of critical-event and cardholder data to D3 ONE in the form of a dispatch record. From there, operators or pre-configured standard operating procedures (SOPs) complete the corrective action workflow by dispatching responding resources, coordinating security systems and assets, tracking the response on D3 ONE’s Google Maps-based PSIM, or escalating the entire process with its incident reporting solution. Finally, powerful trending and analysis tools within D3 ONE can be exercised on the access control and card holder data supplied by OnGuard.

The above are just a few of the reasons to be excited about this integration; another prominent underlying theme is that access control represents the front line of physical security and data collection. And when you are at the forefront of the security ecosystem, big opportunities exist to become more efficient, simply because solutions at this juncture eliminate problems and expenditure down the road. For example, determining the root cause of frequent access control events, such as intrusion attempts, and correcting it, means that other security incidents related to successful and attempted intrusions plus the expenditure dedicated to fighting them, is saved. Apply this logic to a large, multi-site company and the opportunity speaks for itself; massive cost-savings and much greater efficiency are the reward.


Accordingly, and since OnGuard is responsible for ID credential issuance and management, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection and, of course, smart cards, each of these functions can be configured to trigger different responses in D3 ONE, from capturing surveillance footage in the case of an expired card, to automatically assigning two security officers for any intrusion detection events. Simply put, the D3 ONE – OnGuard integration connects any security event or incident related to access control with a specific and efficient corrective action. The presence of easily configured standard operating procedures makes such an approach even more of a reality.

To understand the level of automation that is available via this integration, let’s take a look at the example below:

Scenario: An expired card assigned to an ex-employee has been used in an attempt to enter a restricted area.

  • The OnGuard event immediately prompts D3 ONE to capture surveillance footage from immediately before, during and after the event;
  • OnGuard passes cardholder data to D3 ONE whereupon D3 ONE searches its “Persons Involved” database (persons in previous Incident Reports)—a match is found;
  • D3 ONE creates a Dispatch record. This Dispatch will have standard information of the event (location, time, etc.) in addition to still images captured by the surveillance cameras in step 1, plus the “Persons Involved” notification, alerting responding resources of the history associated to this ex-employee;
  • Security officers nearest (or available) to event receive the dispatch on their D3 Mobile (Android and iPhone) devices and are tracked via GPS as they respond;
  • The security officers arrive knowing exactly what to expect and who to look for. Upon arrival they can document the scene using their device’s built-in camera and quickly complete a high quality incident report using its voice-to-text function;
  • The Incident Report is submitted for edits and approval to a superior where they can add or request more informatnio from the reporting officer, other departments or external sources such as law enforcement;
  • Finally, if there is an ongoing investigation in the D3 Case Management module, this entire scenario can be added to the Investigation record with just a single click.

While the bullet list here is long on this blog article the field, the processes described happen automatically. The dispatch record is simply created through these steps and officers are headed en route to the event scene within seconds of the initial detection in OnGuard.


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