D3 Guard Tour: A Security Officer’s Best Friend

Imagine You’re a Casino Security Manager

One of your officers has spotted an agitated man near the high-limit table games.  The officer approaches, knowing that in order to make the right decision, he must figure out.

  • Is he banned from the property or involved in previous incidents?
  • Is he self-excluded from the state’s gaming establishments?
  • Are there warrants for his arrest?

Answering these questions is a difficult, even dangerous, process. The officer has to ascertain information from the subject and pass it on to dispatch. Dispatch has to understand the officer’s requests clearly, search databases and provide any answers back to the officer. Meanwhile, the subject is standing around; his mental status and the presence of a weapon or escape route notwithstanding. The officer must also consider whether the subject is a VIP guest just having a bad night at the tables. The indignity of an interrogation might drive this important customer from your casino to the competitor across town. Clearly, being asked to ensure both site security and a great customer experience is hard for security officers—especially without actionable information or fast, easy to use technology.

D3 Makes Your Officers, Fast and Actionable

D3’s Guard Tour Mobile App for iOS and Android empowers officers with incident reporting and dispatching capability, a procedural library, a full guard tour and checkpoint management module. Entity Search from Handheld puts an organization’s “Persons, Vehicles and Incidents” database in the hands of security officers. If an officer encounters a subject, the D3 app can be used to search for him or her across the database, and instantly display the results, including any involved incidents or weapons, dispatches and visitor management information. Here are three ways in which the casino scenario could play out:


1. D3 Security Database Search

Using the D3 Mobile app the officer can quickly search the subject’s first and last names, driver’s license or ID card, and physical attributes, such as ‘blond hair/brown eyes’, ‘Dragon tattoo on leg’, etc. The subject’s status, and involvement in security records will display in seconds. The officer can continue appropriately, whether that’s escorting the subject off the property, or to the VIP bar.

2. Self Exclusion Compliance

Casinos can coordinate and streamline their compliance and exclusion management with D3’s toolset. Exclusion lists from the state regulator are batch uploaded into D3, giving officers and security managers instant access to a database of excluded players through the D3 app. When a suspicous player is spotted, an officer can quickly search the app, confirm and remove the banned player. The officer can also create an incident report with photos of the subject, voice notes and GPS pins.

3. Law Enforcement & Emergency Push Data Alerts

When provided with data from law enforcement or other agencies, a casino or organization can upload the data to D3, allowing D3 Guard Tour users to search against a database of warrants, offender releases or notifications provided by local or state law enforcement. The same function can be used for pushing FEMA, FBI or Amber Alerts to the security officer force, ensuring critical information is shared amongst your team. In sum, D3’s Guard Tour is one of the many valuable features D3 can bring to your security operations. Most notably for casinos, resorts, shopping malls or business towers, the D3 app can help your security officers manage site security while ensuring both their personal safety and the “customer experience”—all essential components of a customer-focused security management operation.


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